Your Groove Called, And It Wants You Back!


If you’re existing in the veritable vortex that is motherhood on this planet, it’s quite possible that you didn’t get the message. Not to worry! Misplacing your mojo happens to the best of us. I can reacquaint you with your former fabulosity and help you recover from some of the damaging effects of domestic life that nobody really prepared you for.

I’m Cassye Delphy, and I coach transformers who are striving for big-time change that is not only attainable, but sustainable. Why me? Because 23lbs of fat ago I was where you are now, and I understand how it feels to finally make eye contact with that unhappy stranger who’s been loitering in your looking glass.

Can you relate? If so, then stick around awhile and browse the FREE information-driven articlesvideos detailed meal and exercise plans, and a few anecdotes about my personal journey including milestonestriumphstransgressions, and motivation. Your groove will love you for it.

Let’s get started with some of the details behind the cornerstones of fitness that are sometimes misinterpreted or ignored:

Food  Did you know that 80% of fitness is nutrition? You can do 1000 crunches a day, but it won’t matter because those abs you’re looking for are made in the kitchen.

Exercise  Lifting weight that’s worthy of you will give you a shapely, lean figure, and too much cardio can actually steal those curves from you.

Balance  Taking a break to enjoy the good things in life like cheat meals and workout-free vacations are not only OK, but a requirement to avoid burnout and keep us sane for ourselves and our families.

But I could never do that!

Actually you CAN. But the simple truth is that it’s not easy. I know you’ve been through this before…eat right and exercise. Lose it and gain it back. But this is not your mother’s weight loss program. It’s a lifestyle, my friend. How do I know? Because I live it every single day. How about a 100% customized approach? I can help you find simplicity in nutrition and personally teach you how to get your groove on for good!

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