The Bod Podyssey Part I

I have been hesitant to take this journey.  I have thought and thought about it for three months, and still have managed to not do it.  I have researched and consulted my solid sources to be sure this will result in helpful information, and not regrettable findings.  I still don’t know if I want to know, but the opportunity has clearly presented itself.  The opportunity of which I speak is the one where I discover my actual body fat percentage.  These days, the Bod Pod is one of the few, seemingly accurate methods used to take this measurement.  There aren’t any of these ovoid contraptions lurking about my town, so I would have to travel about an hour to climb into the closest one.  It just so happens I have a friend visiting that hour-away town this weekend, so I am feeling the pull.

Why do I need to know anyway?  I’m not really into the numbers.   It’s more about how I feel and look, and these days I’m feeling great about both.  Anyway, I’ve mastered the plastic calipers ordered off Amazon, and I’ve been eye-balled by a personal trainer.   Both methods point to about 12% (which I feel is a pretty solid personal number for everyday leanness) but something in me just needs to be sure.  I’d like to know if I’m as on track as I think I am.  If I’m not, therein lies the perfect motivational path for the winter.  On the other hand, however, what if I am on track, and the number meets or beats my expectations?  It’s unlikely, but what then?  Well, I’m still working on a myriad of goals, and this little blog, so I believe I’ll have plenty to do.

The bottom line is I feel like I need to have the percentage as a reference point, and to prove somehow that I know what I’m talking about.  The world of fitness is very number driven and quantifiable.  Everyone always wants to know the stats.  I’m hoping this will give me more than just the scale to point to.  Stay tuned…The Bod Podyssey Part II