My Natural Ally

This is the companion post to My Natural Enemy, which was a long-winded rationalization for eating Jif peanut butter.

Well, I’ve got some big news.  I break with thee, crappy Jif, and forsake you for Justin.  He’s dedicated years of his life to creating an entirely new, one-of-a-kind natural peanut butter (that’s off the jar), and it’s yummy!  I received a few comments and suggestions from y’all about other butters, which I appreciated and did research.  Ultimately I chose Justin’s for the ease of use, the taste, texture and portability.  It’s also offered in cute little single-serve 1.15 oz. squeeze packets, which can be purchased for a reasonable sum in boxes of ten at my local Natural Grocer.

“Aww, she’s just on the rebound,” you say.  She really loved Jif!  I did, and at first I was concerned about the palm fruit oil in Justin’s, which packs about 10 more calories per serving than straight, smashed peanuts, and even Jif.  Palm fruit oil gives it the no-stir property, and was a new ingredient to me.  It’s not as clean as the peanuts-only crowd, but even with its processing is hands down healthier than the partially hydrogenated oil whipped through my former suitor.

I may progress to just crushed peanuts someday, and Justin may not turn out to be Mr. Right, but I believe Mr. Right Now is an appropriate moniker.