Bringing Up the Rear

This not only applies physiologically, since gravity is clearly not my BFF, but metaphorically as well.  My posterior has and will continue to be the elusive finishing piece of my ongoing transformation puzzle.

I used to have a great hiney.  I really did!  It was very perky and nicely sized; not super bubbly, but enough shape to fill out my jeans.  After a few decades and a pregnancy later, though, the perk was dead.  Most women lament about their stomachs after they have babies.  My biggest issue was with the rump.  I gained 40 pounds with my daughter, and my butt took the hit.  And as I careened into my late 30s, it took on an appearance that resembled drooping dough.  It was as if someone had thrown 2 balls of raw pizza crust onto the wall  just to watch it ooze down.  Trying to keep these creeping blobs from their imminent resting place on the floor was one of the key reasons I started this whole transformation in the first place.  Swimsuit season was upon me in 2011.  Unless I took immediate action, I would be left to fashion some sort of bathing sling to wrangle the lumpy lobes into submission.

I originally had some trepidation about posting this progress picture because I clearly have a way to go.  But the bottom line, my friends (other than this woeful pun) is that I wanted to offer hope to those of you facing a similar struggle.  I was actually very pleased to discover the ‘motivating’ shot on the left.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that unflattering images have no value.  There is safety in contrast, so even though I’m not where I would eventually like to be, I take enormous comfort in the visual proof that I am not as dumpy as I once was.

I will continue to track my diligent attempts to knead this dough into a pair of solid buns I can display with confidence.  Thanks for all your support and encouragement.  I couldn’t do it without you!

What is your most challenging body part?  What are you doing to change it?