Metabolic Finisher Follow-Up

Hanging on to that hard-earned muscle!

So I posted a few weeks ago about embarking on a new non-cardio experiment called Metabolic Finishers.  Apparently this is just another version of HIIT training, and not a new technique, but it was new to me.  It’s basically a few sets of Crossfit type moves performed at the end of a resistance training workout 2 times per week.  No other cardio.  I am entering week 3 now, and I’m hooked!  Not only have I noticed that my upper body has maintained its mass, I think I’ve even grown a little AND I am stronger.  My legs are a bit more defined, but not that noticeable yet.  I also weigh the exact same.  My hope is that I’ve lost some fat and gained a little muscle to keep that parity.

I will admit that the routine kicks my butt.  You’re supposed to time yourself, but I can’t get through all 99 reps without stopping.  Once I can do that, then I’ll bring the stopwatch.  I have yet to perform 33 consecutive pushups without stopping, and I’m doing them on a bench, not the floor.  Jump squats with no weight seems easy enough…until you’ve done 24 of them, then it gets interesting.  The only element I’ve been able to progress with is the weight for the kettlebell swings.  I’ve neglected to use an actual kettlebell, by the way.  I don’t know why, but they’re a little spooky to me.  I am very comfortable with my dumbbell, but I’m still at 17.5lb for now.  Do I feel challenged?  Oh yeah.  Do I miss cardio?  No way!

Now, I am not trying to dissuade anyone from doing cardio, but steady-state doesn’t work for me.  I would use the HIIT method for certain.  The key is to be sure you’ve got enough intensity during your peak segments, which is something I just could not muster on a machine.  The Finisher method by far is much more interesting and demanding, by its very nature.  Of course I’ll eventually need to change it up, and I’ll use Mike Whitfield’s  series of Finishers.  Please know that I receive no compensation whatsoever for mentioning his product here.

If you do decide to try it, let me know what you think!


1 set of each, performed in a single circuit.  Time yourself (when you’re ready) and try to beat your previous time each session.  Only rest when necessary

33 jump squats

33 pushups

33 kettlebell swings