What I’m Eating Now

A lot has changed since last summer, when I reached a major milestone in my transformation and created most of the content used to build this blog.  I recently discussed how I’m currently training in My Workouts Now.  In the interest of consistency, I decided to update my Nutrition page with what I’m actually eating these days.  Many of you may have already glanced at this sample plan, but I wanted to make you aware of the new version since I’ve made some fairly significant modifications.Fork and spoon with a measuring tape

As I have mentioned more times than you probably care to hear, adopting this lifestyle can take time.  19 months in, and I am finally feeling like I have a handle on eating clean, but it has happened in baby steps.  I’ve got more gains to achieve in this department, so I’m not there yet.  Not sure if I’ll EVER be able to release half and half from my catatonic pre-dawn clutches, and I’d love to get rid of my fake sweet after-dinner chemical cocktail as well.  I figure this is great fodder for January.  Gotta have a few resolutions, right?


New Protein Powder and Creatine

No milk preworkout

Egg whites only

Healthier Crystal Lite

New Peanut butter and Yogurt loyalty

New cracker option


What are your clean eating favorites?  What’s been your biggest nutrition challenge?