Clean Eating 4 Bean Chili (Gracious Pantry)

wolf brand chiliwick fowlerI’m not a chili maker. I am, however, an excellent chili heater and have always been quite satisfied with the Wolf brand chili purchased off my grocery store shelf. I’ve tried homemade chili others have made and never found one that I thought tasted any better. My dad used to make venison chili with a kit from Wick Fowler’s and that was purty good eatin’, but I lack the time and necessary hunting skills to continue the tradition.

Abandoning my prepackaged ways, yet needing to create a quick and somewhat homecooked-ish holiday meal for our dear friends last night, I came across this lovely vegetarian chili recipe.  As you probably know, this is not the first, nor will it be the last repost from my favorite food blog The Gracious Pantry. In fact, I should just create a whole separate blog dedicated to all things Tiffany (the author) because I just love her stuff so much.

pintobeansThis was too easy for words and takes 10 minutes, YES only 10 from start to finish.  If I’m saying it’s easy, then you can do it one-armed and blindfolded with an orangutan on your back!  Now the ingredient list had me feeling a little skeptical at first.  I mean how good can something with so many cans in it taste?  Actually, incredibly good!  If one took the time (and that one is not me) to soak and prepare with dry beans, then I’m sure it would taste even better.

Thanks for tolerating the preramble.  Here it is.  I followed the recipe exactly, save the onions, as usual.  I served it up with some crusty warm bread and a salad.  Down-home, incredibly simple goodness! Let me know what you think!