Remarkafabstandulous 2012

OxygenarticleI was so thrilled to find that Oxygen actually did publish my transformation story!  It was like the cherry on top of my motivation sundae for 2012.  I truly hope that other change-seekers will find the inspiration they need as they enter the new year, and I’m ultra grateful for having the chance to share what I’ve learned.

As I read through the text I’d submitted to the magazine, it felt like a huge step back in time.  I know a few months doesn’t sound like much, but a lot has happened since that original submission I sent early last summer.  Back then I was a newly minted transformee, and quite unsure of whether or not I could sustain this profound feeling of energy and strength.  Now, almost a year and a half beyond the start of my journey, I’m happy to report that the longer I keep at it, the easier it becomes!

Carrot on a stick isolated on whiteNutrition was my biggest, biggest challenge.  It took me up until just a few months ago to feel comfortable and satisfied with a clean diet.  I’m still into my cheat meals and don’t really see the need to discontinue them at this point.  That in and of itself still lets me feel like a normal human being.  Yay!  The workouts have changed a bit as well, but I’m still inspired to hit the gym most days, and am still feeling strong and energized.

keyboard heartThe most significant factor involving my success, however, is you.  Without the support and encouragement I’ve received from my fabulous readers, my family, friends and fellow bloggers, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  This transformation has created so many new paths for friendship, collaboration and community.  It’s more than I ever expected or could have hoped for, and for that I thank you.  Thank you for making this the best year ever!

2013 New Year sign with light bulbI’m very excited and hopeful for what’s to come in 2013, so I’ll look forward to seeing you on the next page of the calendar.

What are your plans for the new year?  Got any resolutions?

Love and strong wishes!