MORE Blog Sprinkles

sprinklesIn Blog Sprinkles I lined out my awe and gratitude for the Liebster Award, and identified 10 blogs I fancy for the same honor.   I am now honored again with three more nominations, and I’m speechless. Honestly this happened a while ago and I am woefully overdue on this aknowledgement and associated award requirements.  In the interest of time and a desire to not clog inboxes, I’ve decided to consolidate and maybe plagiarize myself just a little.

I never really fancied myself as a writer, especially because my content is centered around information that could be construed as a little dull.  After all, this blog was created to share strategies around exercise and eating clean, but let’s face it.  How much excitement can you really build into barbells and green vegetables?  Well it turns out that writing this blog is actually super exciting for me!  The fact that I get to write about living a healthy lifestyle is just icing at this point.  Little did I know I’d get sprinkles to boot!

one-lovely-blog1In my past 5 months as a blogger, I’ve learned that this form of communication is indeed an art form.  I’ve been working hard at improving my skills and delivering relevant and interesting posts for my wonderful audience.  A decent portion of that audience is comprised of other bloggers.  Some of them I consider mentors because they have a wonderful writing style, or present topics in unexpected ways.  CUE THE SPRINKLES   Andy, from OUR LIFE IN 3D, is one such excellent blogger who surprised me with a nomination for a Liebster Award and now the One Lovely Blog Award!  If anything validates a writer, recognition from a peer is honor in the truest form.  Andy covers many elements in his writing – being a dad, financial tips and family fitness.  His posts are hilarious because he is a goofy dad and his artfully-woven tales invite you to get to know him in a very real way.  His latest feat is tracking down and interviewing a REAL MERMAID. Enough said.

versatile bloggerNext up is the Versatile Blogger Award.  This nomination was bestowed upon me from two sources:  Colin at uberbeastmode and losing50laps.  Colin is like the male version of me.  Super dedicated and maybe a tad crazy about fitness.  He’s such an inspiration to me because he’s always pushing the envelope to fuel his progress.  He’s gotten me excited about leg days and he’s an excellent writer.  He’s living proof that even ripped dudes can be eloquent!  Now, losing50, as I refer to her, is a crazy busy mom who is trying to juggle everything and documenting it in an authentic way.  We’ve connected on all these levels, of course, BUT her relentless pursuit of a remodel by the Property Brothers is what really got me!  If I ever had another blog, it’d be about home improvement.  HGTV is the soundtrack to our lives and we’ve been fans since day one.

And last, but SO far from least is my new buddy from MommyVerbs.  She is such an inspiring writer with undeniable flair.  Just the premise of her blog, engaging each day…one action word at a time, really motivates me to become a better writer.  She’s authoring a book, you know.  And I can’t wait to be among the throngs clamoring for a copy, making the other fans in the checkout line well aware that I actually know her (well sort of). She has honored me with The Next Big Thing Award (sorry no colorful badge).  This is a big deal because it’s about bloggers who have book writing potential.  While I’ve made a little progress in terms of a writing career, I feel very priviledged to be given even the slightest hint of literary consideration!

I am grateful and thrilled to have received these lovely gestures of kindness.  But these awards/surveys don’t come without a little work.  Here I’ll showcase my info-merging talents as well.  I am totally breaking the rules here, but necessity is the mother of invention, yes?  I’ll be writing a few things about myself, and a potential book as required, and I’ll be nominating some awesome blogs for the same awards I’ve received.

If you’ve managed to stay with me, here goes:


1.  Sunshine and coffee are essential to my happiness
2.  I am an impressive burper
3.  Speaking in front of people terrifies me
4.  If I ever wrote a book, it would fall under the obesso-demonto fit mom genre
5.  I wish I was 5’8″ tall
6.  I think my feet are cute
7.  I have to mentally psyche myself up to empty the dishwasher
8.  This blog and all its wonderful supports would be the inspiration for a book
9.  I have a huge collection of Sharpies in every color
10. I am overly punctual and arrive EARLY all the time
11. I love cars, and can’t wait to get another red one
12. Which actors would portray me in a movie rendition of my book?  Meg Ryan for me, Steve Carell for my husband and a teenage acress dressed as an elementary kid for my daughter (speaking to the mindset here)
13. I adore toads, and miss having around since moving from TX
14. I am a big fan of puppy breath
15. I love dusting with my swiffer


Congratulations Nominees!  Now it’s your turn.

I’m giving you awarding license for this round.  If you choose to accept this mission, you will pick your award (of the 3 listed above) and 1.) research your reward and follow those rules 2.) write 15 random things about yourself.  Choose 5 people to award, send them a link to your post, and go to their page and tell them.  I know it will take you some time, but I hope you decide to partake in the adventure!