Photo Shoot #2

I was so curious to see if all the work I put in during the Carb Cycling Experiment and Picture Prep would pay off, and now I’ve got some tangible documentation to work with.  Overall I’m pleased and excited to get the final shots.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share the proofs with you while they’re available (you’ll be asked to provide your email address and first name).  These are all the shots.  Some good, some bad and some with facial expressions that can clearly be defined as entertaining!  My main goal is to show you enhanced vs. unenhanced photos.  You’ll see both in this series.  We tend to forget about this magical beautifying process as we peruse magazines and websites, holding ourselves to the perfected standards we see before us.  So just keep in mind that VERY few people really look that good in person.  The effects, however, are powerful, and ultimately pleasing to the eye.  I liken it to a dated house with ‘good bones’.  The structure is there, but the finishes just need freshening.  However you feel about it, just know that I’m quite aware of what I’m doing here, and I’m OK with it.

So now what?

As always I have my hands full – mothering, wifing, working, gyming, blogging and now finishing (the basement).  I’m hoping I can keep my fitness momentum going without a deadline or event to drive me.  It will be new territory since I’ve always had something pulling me toward that light at the end of the motivation tunnel.  As I’ve said before, there is no finish line, and I intend to enforce that theory in the coming months.

One way I plan to stay focused is with my progression in the gym.  I still really enjoy going, and I love recording those personal records and getting to draw little stars around the big numbers.  Another rule of enforcement will come with this blog.  Staying connected and relating with others who have found lasting change or are seeking it.  Community has been the single most inspirational element of this journey, and I intend to embrace that for all it’s worth.

What keeps you inspired?