The Least Evident But Most Important Benefits Of This Lifestyle

Eating clean and exercising has obvious outward consequences:  gaining strength, stamina, leanness, good numbers from your doc and usually the green-light for a shopping spree.  I LOVE the experience and am very big on reporting to you about these elements.  And while physical progress is satisfying (and certainly worth the price of admission) there are a vast number of OTHER reasons why this lifestyle is so beneficial.  I personally have encountered several improvements to my overall health, and they are so profound that they surpass any of the external benefits completely.

They aren’t as apparent, because I believe many of them are hormone-related, but addressing these issues was super critical to my happiness today.

pillsMIGRAINES   Before I started this transformation in 2011, I was having 3-4 migraines a month.  They would last for at least 2 days, some spanning to 5.  This was becoming a problem because although they weren’t debilitating, they certainly blunted my ability to function on many levels.  I have a part-time job, and inevitably these headaches would present themselves during scheduled work shifts.  I was a lunch and playground monitor at the time, and working in the elements adds extra challenges when you’re already feeling crummy.  Calling in subs when you only work 8 hours a week begins to look sketchy after a while.  This, added to my reduced function as the mom of a grade-schooler, caretaker of two crazy young dogs and domestic custodial goddess was running me ragged.  Once I started my transformation process I noticed that the headaches lessened considerably in frequency, and seriously dropped in duration and intensity.  Now I still get them about once a month, but they are really mild and last only about a day.  I’m usually able to control the symptoms with only 1 Relpax migraine tablet, instead of the usual 3.  It’s not perfect, but dramatically improved, and I chalk that up to living the lifestyle.

feetECZEMA   I was also suffering from an interesting ailment called dyshidrosis, a type of eczema, on the three middle toes of each foot.  It was more irritating than anything, but plagued me with a seriously wicked itch and blistery purple toes.  My only respite was soaking them in microwaved vinegar, and that was temporary at best.  Once again I found relief when I changed my habits and have only had slight symptoms twice in 18 months.

empty tankFATIGUE   In 2011 I was scheduling ‘couch breaks’ each afternoon because I just didn’t have the energy to move around.  I’d feel these sudden overwhelming urges to sleep during my normal, everyday activities.  It would even strike me while I was standing up.  I had no gumption to do anything else but lay down for at least an hour every day.  This was on top of the trouble I was having climbing the stairs to our second story and keeping pace with life in general.  I felt and probably looked like a little old lady.  It was crazy!  Now I still get tired like we all do at times, but I rarely feel run down and exhausted for no good reason.  In fact, I have more energy than ever before and can actually complete a stint at work AND a load of laundry in the same day.

Biohazard Warning LabelMOOD   This one is a doozy, and as I outlined in my previous mood swing post, I still struggle with it from time to time.  However, a few years ago I was carrying around the remains of what was diagnosed as postpartum depression.  After my daughter was born, I was never quite the same.  Please don’t ask my husband about it because he might just leave if he had to rehash that troublesome dip on our family timeline.  I was the ultimate angry B, and everyone except my daughter was a target.  My spouse suffered as low man, but even our poor pets at the time were reduced to the dirt beneath the totem pole.  Six years later I had shaken most of that demon off me, but his shadow sometimes still lurked on my doorstep, blocking any hope of authentic joy.  I was functional, mostly cordial, but kind of a mess.  My coping skills manifested in a lack of personal grooming and sometimes I can’t believe NO ONE said a word to me about it.  Not that I would have listened, but at least I am blessed with cautious understanding loved ones.  In any case, I’ve found renewed interest in my life and have actually experienced great excitement and lots of joy since embracing this lifestyle.  I even bathe and comb my hair on a consistent basis.  I still rely on my B-Complex to help me through the rough patches, but it’s so refreshing to be ME again.

Dental ToolsTEETH   I have eternally been a good brusher and avid flosser.  My parents spent a small fortune to get my teeth right, and I’m committed to keeping them that way.  That said, I’ve always been one of those plaque-y types, who despite all attempts to the contrary, is subjected to lots of scraping and scaling in the dentist’s chair.  All that changed when I altered my eating habits.  It seems so obvious, but I never thought about it until my hygenist mentioned the change.  Wow!  Eating less sugar really DOES make a difference.  I’ve only been hearing this since first grade, but it’s nice to know the dental community hasn’t been lying to us all these years.

‚i‚o‚fŠ®¬BOTTOM LINE    

If you’re not convinced that you’re ready to embrace a fit lifestyle, then consider my experience.  It’s much more than looking good.  It’s feeling and living good, and it’s a crucial stepping stone to reaching your greatest potential.

Are you having health issues?  Did you discover any remedies as a result of changes you’ve made to your lifestyle?