The Punxsutawney Workout

punxatawny philBe sure to check out Punxsutawney Workout II for the upper body companion workout

I know we’ve heard from famous forecaster Phil that Spring is on its way early this year.  Well maybe that’s true, but you wouldn’t know it by surveying the scene around here.

As you may have picked up from previous posts, I am the mother of a small person, and today was my second day home with said person.  Apparently the school is rampant with random viruses and germy whatnot so I’ve been consoling and nurturing my little one as we work through the latest bug.  I missed legs yesterday,  and the previous day it snowed for 12 hours.  Needless to say I was a little wiggy by this morning, facing housebound Groundhog Day #3.

Given the chilly and snow packed situation outside, I forewent My First At Home Leg Workout, which is based outdoors, and pulled together a few exercises to take advantage of my currently empty basement.

Spurred on by last night’s DVR of The Biggest Loser, I decided to change things up and go for 5 sets of 20, wanting to be sure I got my workout’s worth, like Jackson and Jeff did when they were forced to leave The Ranch for a week.


Jump Squats

Plyo Lunges (10 each side)

Plyo Step-Ups on basement stairs (10 each side)

Ballet/Sumo Squats with paint

Single Leg Calf Raises on basement stairs with paint (20 each side)

Glute Bridges with light fixture



So maybe higher reps on occasion is an effective workout when you’re used to doing only 8 with heavy sets.  I was reduced to a quivering mass after the 100 jump squats and had to cut the plyo lunges and step-ups to just 10 per side, per set instead of the 20 I had planned.

I managed not to pass out, so I maintained my ability to take a temperature and administer Motrin.  Score one for the kiddo AND the mom.   I enjoyed the strongest pump in my legs I’ve felt in a long time.  I still love lifting heavy, but it was a nice way to mix things up, even if it had to be forced.  So far a very effective, productive and seemingly shadow free day.

What’s your favorite home workout?