Punxsutawney Workout II

As you might have read in The Punxsutawney Workout earlier this week, my training schedule has been at the mercy of life in general.  I performed this lower body workout at home in a desperate attempt to keep my lifting mojo on track.  So in the interest of balance, I thought it only fitting to include a follow-on upper body session that I managed to squeeze in between the much anticipated class musical at school and my volunteering gig for the same musical (different class) today.  Scroll to the bottom for the full details.

This workout was extremely unconventional at best, given my limited window of about 45 minutes.  To begin with, I had no time to change into my usual exercise garb, which I rely on for comfort as well as inspiration – just gets me in the ‘crush it’ mindset.  I did, however, make use of my iPod, without which I’m terribly lost.

Beyond the get-up, I also had a pretty unorthodox, yet enthusiastic workout interloper.  For some reason my posturing to exercise registered as a prelude to some wild discapalooza with Sampy, my BIG boy.  Half way through my first set of push-ups, I just had to drop and laugh because he kept coming at me in all his panty, slobbering madness.  Ever tried to max out a set when the clowns are present?
Cotten was intrigued at first, but obediently chilled out at my first request (as always). He’s such a sweet little man, and enjoyed the rest of my workout from the couch. I used the coffee table for the bonus set of push-ups and the triceps dips.
Remember this tip from No Gym?  No Time?  No Clue?  Well I decided to put it to use today. Worked pretty well, but I ended up having to let the bottle rest behind my hand, like a kettlebell, since I was getting worn out holding it straight up.


Regular Floor Push-Ups – actuals 10, 12, 12, 10, 10, bonus set using table as incline because I was worn out, but wanted a good pump

Triceps Dips on Coffee Table – actuals 15, 20, 15, 20, 20

*1 Arm Shoulder Press – actuals 20, 20, 20, 25, 25 each side

*A note about shoulders – I had every intention of performing modified hand-stand push-ups for my shoulders, but this was my first attempt, and it was pitiful and ultimately useless.  I was too weenie to do it, even with my legs on a chair for support.  NOTE TO SELF – GET ON THIS PRONTO (you weenie)!

I initially planned to do at least 2 circuits of these 3 exercises, but felt pretty toasted after just one.  I think adding the extra reps did it.  After this week I believe I’ve found a new respect for body weight exercise.