I Finally Bit The (Juicing) Bullet

Kooks and hippies. A few years ago, before my transformation, those were the people I assumed were participating in the health craze known as juicing. They actively sought out exotic, nasty tasting vegetables and created all kinds of bizarre concoctions using seaweed, wheat germ and whatever they could scrape off tree trunks. I wasn’t going for it, and I maintained that stuffing a lot of weird things into a fancy appliance won’t make the end product taste any better.  I know that nutrition was the priority, but I have a VERY hard time-consuming things that disgust me.  Plus, it looked like so much work!

Fast forward to my present day kitchen where I’m whipping up my new breakfast shake made of vegan protein powder, raw kale and banana. I love this little green beverage and actually look forward to making it every day (while wearing my nehru jacket and burning incense).

This is not the first time I’ve had to eat my words (sorry) about an element of the fitness lifestyle or life in general for that matter. I was NEVER going to use a food scale, take supplements, buy coconut oil…or have a kid. You can bet by now my nevers are nevermore.

nutribulletAnyway. In my quest to find decent late-night programming a few weeks ago, we surfed across the NutriBullet infomercial yet again. I will admit to you right now that I am an informercial junkie, and can recite the features and benefits of most sponsored products on television. This is not because I actually own them, but because I tend to watch these presentations over and over. It’s like having to get both hands wet just because one got splashed rinsing the toothbrush. I don’t know why I do it, I just feel like I have to.  Cut to husband laying on the living room floor moaning, with his head buried in the carpet.

He's got that juicin' vibe!
He’s got that juicin’ vibe!

It was probably my third or fourth time watching David Wolfe go through all the motions of using this nutrition extractor, explaining the bullet-exclusive cyclonic action while unleashing the nutrients and making ordinary food into…wait for it…SUPERFOODS!!!  This guy was a little overly excited and dealing out some truly spastic words regarding this machine.  Just the kinda of pitch that sucks me in every time!  I majored in advertising after all, and I really really appreciate a good commercial.  Still moaning.

As I watched this time, though, a thought occurred to me.  I have been actively trying to eat more green vegetables.  I generally do pretty well at dinner, but have been slacking for the other 5 meals I consume daily.  Incorporating greens was big-time on my radar, and THIS was the answer.  I did some research and found that most people were really satisfied with the quality and value of this product, even a really close friend whom I trust.  I was definitely putting it on my list for the next big gift.  Moaning in conjunction with eye rolling.

As luck would have it, a Bed Bath & Beyond mailer arrived in my stack a few weeks ago, and guess what was featured on the cover?!?  And for only $99.99!!  And with a 20% coupon!!!  IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!!!  No moaning, just silence.  He knows what’s coming.

The small person happened to walk in during the mailer discovery and said, “MOM!  You HAVE to get it!”  (you gotta start ’em early).  Walking away.

coconutAnd so we did.  We were both so excited we bought $40 worth of produce on the way home, including star fruit, fresh pineapple and somehow… a coconut.  I know.  You do what you can to get them away from the fruit snacks and into the actual fruit.  If beating enormous exotic nuts on your porch with a hammer becomes that path, then so be it.

nutriblast raspber and orangeOur first NutriBlast was made the minute we got home.  Oranges, banana, raspberries, spinach and blueberries.  Sort of delicious (in our excitement we forgot to peel the oranges – no bueno).  The machine comes with a nice little book that includes lots of recipes for different ailments.  While I’m not sure how much immunity, energy or hormonal balance can be derived from certain ingredient mixtures, the fruits and veggies are grouped in tasty ways.

I am a now a bona fide NutriBullet fan, and I couldn’t leave you without covering at least a few of my favorite features and benefits:

AFFORDABLE – $79.99 with your 20% coupon

SMALL – it takes very little counter space in my virtually counterless kitchen

EASY TO CLEAN – this is a huge one for me.  Just rinse and set aside to dry.  If it ain’t easy, I ain’t doin’ it!

IT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO DO – what you see on TV is what you get


I am still very new to this extractor scene and will be trying all kinds of recipes as I get more comfortable with it.  I might add that My Lobster is now on board, and will consume whichever drink I put in front of him.  As always, you can trust that most anything I’m juicing up will be quick and easy, so stay tuned!

Are you a juicer?  Any tips/tricks you’d like to share?

Endorsement Disclosure:  From time to time I’ll extoll the virtues of a specific product or service.  Rest assured that I receive zero compensation in doing so.  If I really like something, I feel compelled to share.  Word of mouth is a powerful force, and I love to see excellence rewarded.