Introducing The 43fitness Shop

The purpose for is simple. Create some useful content and share the good word of fitness far and wide.  In order to achieve this effectively, one must travel down many avenues:

  • Acquisition of a unique domain name – CHECK
  • Search Engine Optimization – CHECK
  • Social Media Exposure – CHECK
  • Cultivation and fostering of an engaged and fabulous community – CHECK
  • Shameless hawking of promotional gear – CHECK IT OUT

I may have mentioned in the past that I am the proud proprietor of a degree in trying to sell stuff  using cheesy pictures and sayings advertising.  I love all things branded, logoed and sloganed.  If it’s catchy and has a cool design, I want it.

virtual shopI’m hoping you like fun stuff too, and will find the offerings I’ve created to be inspirational and useful instruments for your motivational toolbox.  The 43fitness virtual shop currently includes T-shirts, Tanks and Tote Bags, and your order can even be shipped outside the U.S.!

Take a look and tell me what you think.  I have attempted to create some function and variety with this introductory collection, and if this little experiment proves successful, I will add more options.  And as with any venture related to 43fitness, I am looking for your feedback.  The only variable that I won’t have much control over is the price.  Based on the turnkey nature that the virtual shop provides, I feel the prices are reasonable and offer a fair value.

You can access the shop via the links in this post, or navigate to it via the SHOP link on the main page header anytime.  Please let me know if you have any questions or issues with your order (did you catch that presumptive close?)  And as always, many thanks for your support and encouragement!

What’s your favorite kind of promotional swag?