Postcards From The AFTERlife – The 1 Year Transformversary

wish you were here postcardThey say the hardest part of a weight loss program is keeping it off.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Once you get a taste of the AFTERlife (life after you reach your goals) there is no going back.  Progress has been one of the single-most effective means of keeping me motivated, and I still stand by that today – 1 year after completing my transformation.

No amount or type of food can satisfy me more than the sweet taste of feeling and looking healthy and strong.  I have covered the feeling portion of this lifestyle’s benefits. Now let’s talk about some of the fun physical aspects that I don’t usually mention.

You all know by now that I am no stranger to indulgence and really enjoy food, but at the end of the day, how does a 15-minute foodgasm really stack up against the following?

  • Wearing virtually any clothing I want (shorts that show my thighs, clingy tank tops and bikinis)
  • Being told by a lifter whom I admire that I am the “most bad-ass chick at the gym”
  • Having people literally gasp when I tell them I’m 44
  • Getting asked if I compete and urged repeatedly to do so
  • Hearing from the personal trainers that their clients always ask for my arms
  • Having enough people interested in what I’m doing to successfully support a website

Of all these, the last bullet-point is by far the most inspiring, and what keeps me going day in and day out.  However, that is not to say some of the other stuff isn’t completely wonderful and amazing too.  If feels good to get recognition for what you’ve accomplished, and I’m so humbled to be considered as an authority on any aspect of fitness whatsoever.

So back to keeping it off.  At this point it’s absolutely a no-brainer.  A NO-BRAINER, kind readers.  I’ve done all the hard work of changing my mindset, destroying unhealthy habits and putting my words into action.  Now I can just keep doing what I’m doing.

All the reading and researching and asking of questions isn’t enough.  If you learn nothing else from this post, please understand that this is all about YOU and what you really want.  YOU have to stop talking and start doing.  YOU have to identify and change your patterns of failure. YOU have to pave a path for success and take control of your future.

Eating clean and working out is not the hard part.  The hard part is letting go of your fear and taking what you want.  

It’s right there in front of you with your name all over it. 

Reach out.  Take it. 


food storage 18 months

If I can do it, then I KNOW you can.

Are you putting your money where your mouth is?  Any tips on walking the talk?