Post #100 – Just Doing My Job

baby shoe

The age of a blog is usually determined by the number of posts published. And even at 100, mine is still considered to being in its infancy.  This makes me happy because this audience, although expanding, remains quite small.  That means there is plenty of room to grow, and I need that sort of room, which these days basically equates to time and money.

It’s taken me over 8 months to reach this milestone and I’m comfortable with the pace.  I basically have to be.  Given my mom/work schedule, coupled with a few new ventures (the newly opened 43fitness shop and a possible supplement affiliation), I’ve upgraded my plate to a platter.  I’ve heard from many of you who are in the same serving dish, and I appreciate your support and understanding as I make my way.

Hosting a blog on a free blogging platform isn’t necessarily free. Wordpress is an outstanding blog management system, and I am forever grateful for the company’s generous approach to content publishing.  However, pretty images, domain names and upgrades to deliver a pleasant reading experience are all expenses that are tallied up in the background.  Add in other fees for securing and maintaining exposure and you’ve racked up quite a bill.

bill lumbergh
“Umm, yeah…I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday.”

The time and money are all worth it though, and I ADORE my intimate audience because I truly feel that quality triumphs over quantity without fail.  So long as I’m able to provide assistance in some form to even one reader – be it information, motivation or humor – I feel like I’m doing my job.

And this is a job where I spend money to do the work.  But the work itself, along with the inspirational feedback I have received, is a pretty satisfying paycheck.  So at this point I’d like to thank each of you for being such an excellent boss!

I promise not to ask for a raise or weekends off, but I would ask that if you’ve ever benefited from any of the information posted on this website, to forward the URL on to someone you feel would appreciate it.  I’m not a numbers hound, but I’m always in the market for thoughtful expansion.

Will 43fitness ever turn into a business that generates profit margins?  Doubtful.  But we’ve come a long way since Post #1, and I look forward to Posts 101 and beyond with anticipation of a prosperous partnership together!

What job would you pay to work at?