Sally’s (Still) Going All The Way

sallyheadshotI was so excited to get a progress report from Sally, the 48-year old mid-transformation mom whom I introduced you to back in April.  All I can say in looking at her befores in April is WOW!  She’s seeing some significant changes, and NOT focusing on the scale, which I know will motivate her stay on track. 

She’s also taking the time to figure out what is working and what’s not.  Adopting this lifestyle is a process, and taking time to honestly assess progress and reaffirm goals is imperative to success. 

Congratulations on your outstanding achievements, Sally, and for including us on your journey.  Your story is super-inspiring and we are looking forward to more updates as you move closer to your goals. 


Hi Cassye,
I just wanted to give you an update with pictures.

I’m GOOD!  My body has totally reshaped itself yet I haven’t lost any scale weight recently and I haven’t taken the time to measure since last time.  I am doing my workouts consistently, but the cardio is lacking and my diet has been off and on.  But I am seeing changes and I feel great.  My cheekbones are more prominent so my smile looks better, my skin is so healthy, even at rest my arms have a nice shape. I went to a wedding, had fun buying a new dress because they actually look good on me now and shopping is fun!

But I am not doing all I can and I know what my problem is – it’s the same problem with all of us – TOO BUSY.  When I get so busy with other things my diet really suffers.  So that’s why I know planning is SO IMPORTANT.  So today I am re-reading my goals and dreams, making out my grocery list and trying to get motivated to get back to clean eating daily. So I am carving out time today to try to inspire myself because I know once I am inspired I will do whatever I need to do to reach my goals!!!

Never, never, never quitting!


Inspired to share YOUR story?  Go ahead, spill it!