Meet One Of The Founders And 15% Off

Those biceps are proof of some serious work!
Those biceps are proof of some serious work!

As an…ahem…international blogger, I get the unbeatable perk of connecting with people from all around the globe.  From my stats page I see hits coming from Europe, Asia and even Dan Andah (see I knew you could master the accent)!   It’s really rewarding to have the ability to reach readers in other hemispheres.   And more recently, I’ve been able to provide a physical presence for 43fitness in other lands with the launch of the 43fitness shop!

I just learned that my first international shipment was successful, and I’d like you to meet the stunning Sam, rocking her new T-shirt all the way from Sydney, Australia!  As one of just a handful of initial supporters, I view Sam as a founder of 43fitness because she was around BEFORE its inception.

Although she’s quite a bit younger than I am, she’s helped me learn to be less stubborn and try new things from time to time.  Her feedback and encouragement have helped make this website what it is today, and I am forever grateful!  Thank you Sam!

You too can bask in the global aura that is 43fitness AND at a great discount.  From Monday, June 3-Friday June 7th, save 15% on all t-shirts by using MYSHIRT2013 at checkout.  And don’t forget this stuff ships all over the world!

handsglobeMany thanks to all my international readers for allowing me to ride along with you on your intercontinental journeys, whichever side of the road you’re lifting on!

Got any globetrotting stories?