Sally Is Down 2 Sizes!

We’ve been following Sally since April, and she’s still going strong!  When we last left her, this indomitable 48-year old mom was seeing some fantastic changes (progress is a HUGE motivator guys) and forging ahead with gusto!  At this point she’s lost 2 sizes, got some IMPRESSIVE new stats and experienced an uplifting swimsuit moment which we all know is a big BIG deal.  I won’t give it away here, but her inches lost is super-duper inspiring!

I am over the moon; the level of confidence in her voice is so contagious and I KNOW she’s well on her way to not only embracing the lifestyle, but crushing her goals!  I’m raising my coffee cup to the north as you embark on your next 12 weeks, Sally.  Thanks as always for your courage and candor.  Your story is changing lives, and I’m so honored to be a part of it! 

P.S.  As a reward for staying the course and never never never quitting, Sally has earned herself a milestone memento, care of 43fitness.  I’ll be announcing the prize later today on the facebook page.

Hi Cassye!

I took some after pics for the end of my BFL C2 (Body for Life Challenge 2).

I have not reached my goals, but I actually have been making progress and I AM WELL PLEASED. I attached some pics. This is actually my bathing suit from last year. I still have a little bit around my middle I am working on, but when I saw how skinny my legs looked from behind and how big my biceps looked I was shocked. (I don’t stand around posing in the mirror, so until I saw the pic I never really noticed!). Even with my arms down at my side I can see how good my arms look – how good my figure is becoming.

I took 2 weeks off all “official” workouts to give my body the first break in 24 weeks. I will begin a C3 on Monday July 8. I started fasting from all things coffee about 4 or 5 weeks ago. That alone is the source of all my cheating. So ha ha, I won (against my self sabotaging)! All I ever drink is water now and maybe once a week I may have a few sips of a diet pop. So gearing up for a great new month. I really feel confident that I am going to get where I am wanting to go! It’s definitely become my lifestyle now.

I will give you my stats for the 2 challenges combined:

I finally got under 170 lbs and I was so excited that I danced around the house and felt SO GOOD all day because I knew I finally won over my self sabotaging! You don’t know how long I hovered up and down between 171 and 173. As soon as I got to 171 I would cheat. I actually stopped weighing myself because of it!

Total weight lost so far is 15.3 lbs

Inches Lost:

Hips 4″

Waist 5.5″

Bust 3.5″

Over Bust 7″ (yeah. I carried it all under my arms and on my chest and back)

Under Bust 2.5″

Thighs 3.25″

Calves 1.5″

Started – size 14 (or VERY tight 12) and large or extra-large shirts. Now comfortably in a size 10 and medium shirts. Even though my weight loss hasn’t been my goal, my body has changed so dramatically that when I look in the mirror when I am changing I am like “wow!”

Here’s to the next 12 weeks and as always NEVER NEVER NEVER QUIT.


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