What’s Your Question?

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when it seems all the topics have been covered.   Every stone unturned, each nook navigated and every cranny explored.  While I don’t consider myself an advanced clean lifestyle liver (yet), I do feel there are details and possibly entire themes that I may sometimes neglect or take for granted about my preferred subject because I simply just do them and don’t think about them anymore.  This issue spans virtually all matters in life.

backpackTake kindergarteners for instance.  They arrive in August, along with the rest of the older school kids, all shiny and ready and new.  Though they’re just little blobs of potential now, they will someday walk the elementary halls with confidence and gusto, not even needing to stop midway to negotiate the huge mix-master of an intersection by the media center.  This one still gives me trouble, BUT 1.  I am directionally challenged and 2.  I’m only at that intersection twice a week (the fact that it’s multiple times on those 2 days, which makes it about 10 times a week is a detail we can gloss over here).

There is a world of molding and sculpting that is this first year in school.  I’ve personally only enjoyed the cafeteria experience…”Please use your fork.  Please don’t use your friend’s fork.  Recess will happen in a little bit.  After you are finished eating.  The fork stays on the table.  What happened to your fork?  Please sit forward.  Sideways is not forward.  I know you are sitting forward, and that is wonderful, but you must sit on your bottom.  Your fork is to eat with.  Yes.  You must STAY seated.  Yes.  For the whole time.  Recess will happen soon.  No.  We don’t lay on the benches.  Even if we’re done eating.  We sit on our bottoms facing forward.  Carrot on a fork isolated on whiteDo you know what your inside voice is?  You can’t take your carrots.  We’ll let you know when it’s time for recess.  Yes.  You must stay in your seat.  I know you love your carrots, but the carrots will stay here.  The milk belongs in the carton or goes into your tummy.  We don’t pour the milk on our food.  Say bye-bye to the carrots!”  And you KNOW where the fork ended up…smuggled out to recess to dissect grasshoppers.  Now just apply that scenario to every room in that building, and the big picture becomes clear.

What I’m getting at (in a not so succinctly way) is that these guys have a lot to learn.  The same goes for people trying out a new, fit lifestyle.  I’ve spent years evolving into the way I live now, so I’m guessing there are questions I was asking almost 2 decades ago that I’ve forgotten the answer to by now.  So that means any of you who are embarking on this thrilling journey, with your freshly minted gym outfits and little backpacks full of workout ideas, healthy snacks and excitement may have your hand in the air about when to pack your lunchbox or what to put on the fork in your favorite restaurant, and especially how to sift through the mix-master of wellness information you fearlessly dive into on the internet every day.

Keyboard with question keyAs your Fitness Cruise Director, I’m ready to finish the lecture and begin the question & answer segment because I know there are things I haven’t covered or that need more discussion.  I’m excited to hear your requests, so feel free to ask here, using the contact section of the website, or you can post/message to the 43fitness Facebook page with a capital Q beside it.  When I have 3 or so questions then I’ll respond via video to the best of my ability.  It’s not quite an in-person experience, but I’m hoping it will be helpful to all of us.

So get our your pencils and paper (and keyboards and cursors) and ask away.  And don’t be afraid to ask about something basic, or about something that I’ve talked about before.  Like I said, I need to reach back and remember these things so I can better position myself for assistance (and help disguise my senility)!  Seriously though, I look forward to exploring some new avenues and helping you reach your goals, even after the bell has rung.