43 Is The New 26!

brainsYou know how sometimes the light bulb just zaps on out of the blue?  Well, that happened for me today as I was scrolling through the 43fitness facebook page photos in search of who knows what by this point because I was totally taken aback by the serendipitous cataloging of 2 specific snapshots in the timeline album, side by side.

At first the pairing seemed awkward and almost wrong – like dachshunds and hot dog buns.  But then upon careful consideration the true irony struck me like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial.

*Sigh* T.V. of my youth…so nourishing. Go ahead, have some!

You get the analogy.  Both photos were great individually, but together they were something really significant.  Don’t scroll down yet!  To truly understand the magnitude of this discovery, let’s look at the pics separately first.

You see this photo is the kind of image that warms my heart.  Hot beachy days, vacationing with my soon-to-be husband.  Wearing fun clothes and feeling carefree and confident.  Great!  See?  A good individual shot.

26 bikini
South Padre Island

This photo?  Pretty recent, and also filled with great memories.  Memories of sacrifice, renewal and accomplishment.  You know the feeling, and most likely have a shot like this of your very own.  Great, right?  Super story here.

#2 15 months, cardio 3x/week
Colorado Bedroom

BUT, you put them both together and waddaya got?  A difference of 17 years. That is a decade plus 7 folks.  Now the complexion may not have the same giddyup as a 26 year-old.  I’ll give you that.  But the 43 year-old figure clearly has a thing or two to teach that young ‘un about healthy habits (and swimsuit choices)!  The bottom line of my message to you is don’t let age/motherhood/stereotypes do a number on you.

43 is the new 26

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?  ~Satchel Paige

I knew I had come a long way from my post-40-with-a-baby-in-suburbia frump show at 42.  However, I NEVER in a million years thought that I could look back so far and STILL feel a great sense of achievement with this never-ending transformation.  Just another example showing that it’s an ongoing process with no finish line.

A reminder that if you’re on the fence about getting started or have doubts about what you can accomplish, rest assured you are selling yourself short.

What’s your latest revelation?