Bringing Up the Rear – Half Way To Gorgeous Glutes

number 6If you were around earlier this fall then you know I’m on a mission.  I even went so far as to revamp my entire lower body program to help me achieve this mission and get me some glutes of greatness.  Well today marks my entry into Week 6 of the Gorgeous Glutes program, created by Bret Contreras, and I have to say I am duly impressed.

I have made great strides despite my spotty attendance at the gym (most weeks not making all 3 days for the lower body workouts) and my slip-slidy nutrition plan.  However, as is true to my form, I’m spurred on by my positive results thus far and am super-committed to hitting the last six weeks to the absolute letter.

This means that (gulp) I will be working through Thanksgiving and Christmas without missing workouts.  That is not to say I will be working out on the actual celebratory dates, but I will be working out 5 times during each 7 day period from here on out; another reason I am quite grateful to be home for all of the holidays this year.

Rest assured that I will be providing like:like progress photos for the finale post.  I decided to keep my pants on this round because 1) I’m lazy 2) I’m cold 3) I really want to preserve the contrast I’m hoping to see between week 1 and week 12, and thought you would too.  I did want to let you know in the interim, however, that the program is working.  I will be forever incorporating glute bridges and hip thrusts into my sessions and will never again forsake the value of mixing high reps/body-weight moves with heavy lifts.

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