The Detox Bootcamp Starts January 6!

Welp, I’m jumping outta my comfort zone and pursuing my life’s work in a new fashion for 2014.  This 30 day bootcamp (code for acknowledging the need for and participation in REALLY clean eating) will be a first for me, and will not only fulfill my desire to help others, but push me even further in my own quest toward the cleaner path.

Medicine FruitWe’ll be pretty aggressive, eliminating many of the usual food perps, but also targeting some not so usual suspects.  We’ll be reaching a great baseline for how you can REALLY feel if you follow Hippocrates’ advice and replace your regular prescriptions with lean protein, green veggies and complex carbs.  It’s a little scary, even for me, but I’m down for it…even…GULP…the coffee.

If this looks intriguing to you in any way, we’d love to have you.  I’ve set up a private Facebook community page where we can all band together.  2014 is a brand new year and this is the PERFECT time to get back on the rails and move forward. This is a positive, supportive group where we’ll share trials and triumphs, rants and recipes as we take this journey together down the path to a cleaner, greener you.

If you haven’t already, please visit my Facebook page and message me if you are interested.  See y’all next year!