Sandy’s Success Story

sandy collinsI think you’ll be inspired by this impressive career woman who is not only a detox survivor, but a detox thriver despite a very rough year for she and her family!  She’s got more energy than most 40-year olds I know, and it’s all thanks to her great lifestyle.  I’ve been fortunate enough to know Sandy since I was about 12, because she’s my best friend’s mom.  What a great role model for us up and comers!

My  “retirement” is not like other people’s as I do like to work and will continue to, although not at the pace I once did.  I guess that’s what’s interesting about baby boomers. We don’t see retirement like our folks did. It doesn’t have to be a complete stop of one life and the beginning of something else; it can be whatever you want it to be.

ABOUT SANDY:   I’m a 67-year old, married career woman with three grown children.  After college, I went to work for IBM and spent many years working and traveling for IBM, and for other corporate jobs.  Since then, I’ve spent the last several years doing management consulting which I really enjoy.

I’ve always loved athletics, both as a participant and as a spectator. And now for fun, I enjoy jogging, running a few 5K races a year, working out, traveling and watching football.

WHAT MOTIVATED HER TO CHANGE:  My husband, Ed, was diagnosed with brain and intestinal cancer in January, 2012. It was a tough time for him and for the entire family. Fortunately, he is now cancer free.

However, during that time, I was “stress eating” and not working out at all. If I got out for a walk once a week, that was my exercise. I found that I was gaining weight (about 10 lbs.), becoming more and more lethargic, sluggish and I was always too tired to see anyone. Full-time care giving is not for wimps. I was just so tired of being tired.

My daughter, Kelly, was noticing this and suggested that I might want to try a “no starvation” 30-day detox combined with making time to exercise a few times a week.

HOW SHE’S DOING IT/DID IT:   Well, the detox program was really what did it for me. It provided nutrition I was missing, discipline I needed and regular coaching encouragement. I learned that when I thought I was hungry, sometimes I was just thirsty.

I stayed the course and after a few days I began feeling better and started going back to the gym. I also starting jogging again. I lost 8 lbs. in the 30-day program and 12 total. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have to encourage myself to put my running shoes on and get out the door and I’m always so glad I did. And, I really make an effort not to bring junk food into the house, especially potato chips…my weakness.

I have since done two “7-day” detox or cleanse “tune-ups” which really help me feel good and keep me on track.

MILESTONES/SUCCESSFUL MOMENTS:   I guess a major milestone for me was when I had the confidence to try and run a race again. So, in July, 2013, I ran a 5K and came in 1st in the 60-70 age group.

Since my husband is well now and I love my work, I have recently begun work to re-launch my consulting business in February, 2014. I just revised my website and I’ve very excited about it. Working at what I love, seeing my kids and grandchild, traveling and staying in shape is what retirement is/will be for me.

CHALLENGES/FRUSTRATIONS:   Staying the course is always a challenge.  Getting on the scale after you’ve worked your butt off eating well and working out and you weigh the same is always frustrating. My daughter helped me understand what was happening to my body and coached me through these frustrating times.

HOW SHE STAYS MOTIVATED:   I stay motivated by knowing what it takes to burn 300 calories and it’s not worth a “chip binge” any more, plus I don’t feel good after.

I like feeling good every day and it’s worth a little work because if you don’t have your health, everything else is a lot harder.

Please help me congratulate Sandy on creating lasting change in her life and take a peek at her latest endeavor.