The Unexpected BEFORE Picture

I think sitting would equal splitting at this point.  Can't honestly say these fit anymore
I think sitting would equal splitting at this point. Can’t honestly say these fit anymore

Sigh I knew this day was coming, and I really was dreading it, but part of this lifestyle is staying real about what’s going on and keeping you in the loop about it.  I referenced my slips in dietary discipline over the past few months.  What I haven’t revealed is that just those little slips have taken more of a toll than I’d expected, since I’ve been VERY committed to the gym all this time.

Cue the accountability shorts.  Things seem fine when you look good in your stretchy workout gear and can still don your regular clothes.  However, it’s a different story entirely when you peel back this season’s outfits to reveal that one summer garment.  The one that is the TRUE indicator of the actual situation.  The one I KNEW I had to pull out today.

Well, here you have it.   A great example of flagrant disregard for the 80% rule: DIET DIET DIET.  Ugh!  So now comes the damage control.  It should be minimal because although the muffin is spilling out over the wrapper here, I can at least still button and zip it.

I can’t say that I was really planning or excited about having yet another BEFORE picture to show you, but this clearly is presenting itself as a before opportunity.  With the Bootcamp coming up, I’m a little excited to have more to work for than just better health.  I will also be very interested to uncover all the glute muscle I’ve developed over the past few months. Stripping off the winter upholstery will be a big big treat, so stay tuned, kind readers.

Got any before situations you’ve uncovered lately?