Omega-3s – Reeling In One Of The Best Superfoods For Overall Health And Longevity

fishing reelMaintaining our mojo can seem like a full time job as we age, but sometimes we make it harder than it has to be. Take food for instance: our society’s, chemical-laden, nutrient deficient foods just need to be replaced with wholesome, nutrient dense and beneficial foods.

Like fish.  Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon is bursting with omega-3 fatty acids and has the heart-healthiest oil profile.  Look at it as the head-to-toe all purpose medicine-on-your-plate that it is.  Here’s just a blip on the omega-3 radar of scientifically researched health benefits:

  • Lessens age-related cognitive diseases like ALZHEIMER’S
  • Acts as a mood stabilizer to relieve aggression, anxiety and DEPRESSION
  • Promotes HEART health
  • Nurtures the gut and endocrine system and reduces the risk of colon and prostate CANCER
  • Improves eyesight and lessens MACULAR DEGENERATION
  • Improves IMMUNITY
  • Softens SKIN, helping with dermatitis and eczema

salmonThe American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that out of 254 patients with an average age of 82, those who lived the longest had the highest levels of omega-3, specifically EHA.  In a nutshell, omega-3s help our cell membranes retain fluidity to let in the nutrients the cells need and screen out any toxins.  And that translates into massive mojoness!

But what about the CANCER risk, you ask?  Based on my personal research, the fact that several reputable doctors have debunked the study (here’s one) , and over 10,000 published medical journal articles to the contrary, I’m still on the boat.

Not taking the bait because you hate that fishy taste of fish?  I totally understand. Most of us raised in the North American culture just didn’t experience fish in Mom’s regular dinner rotation.

My first tip is that you should try to get over it and eat fish at least once per week.  It takes kids 8-10 tries to like something, and with your high level of intelligence, coupled with the wisdom of your body loving what you’re feeding it, you might actually surprise yourself and start CRAVING fish.  Your goal is 6oz. of cold water fish twice a week, and your best choices are wild caught or pole/troll varieties because they are healthier than farmed:

  • Salmon
  • Canned, chunk light tuna
  • Halibut
  • Cod

vital choice sockeye salmon oilStill shaking your head?  Well, I always prefer real food, but if supplements are all you can muster then at the very least do look into them. Dosages are based on The Omega 3 Effect, by Dr. William Sears (DHA and EPA added together):

Adults:  1000 mg per day
Infants:  300 mg per day
Children, ages 2-3 yrs 420 mg per day
Children, ages 3+ at least 500 mg per day

I have my favorites for kids and adults, based on my family’s actual use:  Vital Choice is what I personally enjoy because of its potency and effectiveness with my eczema. I also like Nautical Naturals (non chewable, despite the label) and Coromega (gummies that ARE chewable).

Any other objections?  How about cost?  Yes, you will pay a little more for better food and supplements, true.  However, illness is more expensive than wellness, so chew on that!

What about preparation?  A little olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and an oven and you’re pretty much good to go.  Ask your local fish monger (if you happen to be browsing through Pike’s Place Market) or read the label on the frozen packages like I do.  Try this video! Totally infotaining!  Just watch the mayo and proposed sweeteners.

So, if you’ve been wading aimlessly through the oceans of information about some of the best nutrition on the planet, cast your line down the seafood aisle and know that you’re bestowing upon yourself and your family some MAJOR mojo!

Are you a fish eater?  Any tips, tricks or recipes of deliciousness you’d like to share?