The Coaching Continuum

NASM CertI think I will call 2014 the year of certifications.  I’ve had my academic nose to the educational grindstone for 6 months now, and I can finally take a breather and refocus on what I started out to do almost 2 years ago. And that is to help people.

To recap, I have earned 4 certifications since January, incorporated as a business, and designed a shiny new logo! Check, check, check, check…my box checker is fried!

  • Family, CHC (Certified Health Coach)
  • Adult/Senior, CHC (Certified Health Coach)
  • Online Class Facilitator Certification
  • NASM – CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) PASSED TODAY!
  • 43fitness, LLC
  • OMG – What was I THINKING taking all this on?

logo-final-darkIf all these titles and letters don’t make me legit, I don’t know what will 🙂 Actually you, my wonderful, amazing readers and coaching clients are what has really made me legit. Your trust in me to guide you down the path toward massive change is where the rubber meets the coaching road. I am indebted with gratitude that you’ve let me ride shotgun all this time.

At this point I am completely toast because this last cert was tough. REALLY tough. And although I will not be returning to my teaching job next year (in order to make room for this expanding coaching venture of mine) I am still all of these letters and a MOM to boot. Needless to say I have some recovery to do. However, I am thrilled that I can now dedicate more time to providing you with fresh, pithy new blog content. And maybe fewer videos. Thanks for allowing me that, by the way, since it’s so much faster when writing time is limited!

In the meantime, I’ll be taking a brief hiatus with a celebratory girls’ trip, of which I’m sure lots of blog fodder will emerge. While I’m gone I’d love for you to check out the new and improved Coaching Services on the site. Please take note that I’ve added customized workout plans to the Jump Start, Jump Start Together, Reset and Transform Plans. I must say I’m quite proud of these packages because they provide you with everything you need to succeed. Now that I’ve got a solid knowledge and experience base with both nutrition and training, I’m feeling pretty well rounded, and my services reflect this rotundity…ness.

And don’t worry if you don’t need the whole enchilada. Beyond the packages you can partake in a single session, pantry makeover or a monthly subscription for email coaching to get some questions answered and collect a pinch o’ mojo. It’s all there, in whatever format you’re looking for.

So with that I bid you adieu and wish you the most spectacular Summer/Friday/Weekend and thank you again for helping me weave this little dream into a BIG reality!

What is your latest achievement?