The Strength Stack 52 Review

The following review is a sponsored post.  This means that Strength Stack 52 provided me with a deck of cards at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I don’t accept sponsored posts lightly, and will only publish reviews of products/services which meet the following criteria:  1.  It’s related to fitness.  2.   I use it or would use it myself.  3.  I feel it’s of interest to my audience.  4.  The quality is excellent.

You can read more about Michael, the founder of Strength Stack 52, in his introductory guest post published earlier this week.

strength stack 52 boxOf all the training related questions I receive, most often I’m asked about how to stay in shape outside of the gym. Because I remain a total gym rat and draw a lot of my mojo from the gym experience, I’ve had to dig into a few resources to come up with some good options.

One such option is a card game made up of body weight exercises that requires no equipment, and can basically be done anywhere. When Michael contacted me about his company, Strength Stack 52, I was skeptical. There are so many gimmicks and gizmos out there, I wanted to be sure this was a bullet-proof option that not only proved to be challenging, but offered a well-rounded workout to boot.

And challenging it is! Although I am proud to report that I include a few body weight exercises in my current repertoire (I have mastered push-ups and pull-ups), I have to say that the workout I did with these cards kicked me squarely in the butt!  I found the PIKE UP to be particularly difficult, yet really fun to try. I’ll be coming back to master that one so I can stop feeling like such a weenie about it.

There are a few ways to go about using these cards.  I took the old fashioned approach and chose a move from each color group for a full body workout.  The cards are color coded to denote which body part you’ll be working, so it’s easy to flip through and grab one or 2 of each.  Every card is printed with a scannable link to the corresponding exercise video to help you with form on-the-spot. What I found best about this tool, however, are all the games you can play. This keeps things lively, adds a good dose of fun and delivers endless options for your workouts.

strength stack 52 diceAnd you can do it with just you or your whole family. Or how about recruiting other dedicated road warriors you encounter, as you collectively shake your heads at the rickety equipment in the hotel gym. Choose games by the number of players from just 1 up to 6!  You can also purchase additional decks which expand the current deck or take it up a notch…or ten. They even offer workout dice.  Talk about quick and easy – just grab and roll.  It’s like fitness Yahtzee! I’d love to try these out too sometime, Michael (hint, hint).

So there you have it, kind readers! if you’re looking for a gym alternative that is completely portable, simple, affordable and fun, then head over to the Strength Stack 52 site and check out all that is amazing about these products.  And if you do it soon, you can take advantage of FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. for all Complete and Tri Packs.  All of Michael’s products are backed by a 100% guarantee.

You can also find Strength Stack on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Thanks again, Michael, for letting me test drive this ingenious invention, and for designing a fantastic alternative to traditional workouts!