Shine Athletica – Discount for 43fitness Followers and Review

The following review is a sponsored post.  This means that Shine Athletica provided me with an outfit at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion. I don’t accept sponsored posts lightly, and will only publish reviews of products/services which meet the following criteria:  

  1. It’s related to fitness
  2. I currently use it or would use it myself
  3. I feel it’s of interest to my audience
  4. The quality is excellent

Ever have one of those days where you’re just not feeling the workout you’ve scheduled for yourself?  Well, I have to tell you that I have those all the time.  Given my front-car seating position on the peri-menopausal roller coaster, it’s a lot more these days than I’d like to admit. Trainers are supposed to be motivated and actually help to motivate their clients.

This can be a real challenge when you’ve got the hormonal equivalent of a big soggy towel slopped over your shoulder. It’s heavy and wet and drools on everything. You, the equipment, and namely your poor motivatees, who may be dragging in their OWN towels. These are the ones who woke up completely covered and gasping for breath today, but because of YOU, managed every ounce of strength they had to beat it back from a torture device to just a weighty accessory. Before you know it you’re draped all over each other in a droopy, drippy mess!

shine athletica tagI was having one of those days last week, but was instantly snapped out of it when I unwrapped the new togs I received from Shine Athletica.  This ‘lil ‘ole company from my home state of Texas espouses some key philosophies that clearly align with 43fitness:

  • To provide women with inspirational fitness apparel that promotes confidence inside and out
  • To inspire women to have the courage to work out in any environment and express themselves
  • To promote consistency in women’s workout routines by providing high-quality fitness apparel at an affordable price
photo - THIS is how we'll be using our towels in our new Shine Athletica gear!
photo –
THIS is how we’ll be using our towels in our new Shine Athletica gear!

I take my job of de-mystifying the weight room VERY seriously, and this could very well be THE uniform for women dedicated to the craft of inspirational fitness.

When Shine Athletica’s owner, Heather, contacted me she was incredibly generous, allowing me to choose my own pieces. I ordered the Cropped PUSHER Fitness Yoga Pants and the PUSHER Sheer Rib Racer Back Top. Pusher is obvious for me, especially paired with the barbell.

pusher pantsThe Pants

Not only were they long enough in the inseam (I need more room with my enlarged bootay as of late), but the fabric was soft, pliable and comfortable all day. As a mom/wife trainer/coach I am all over the place. In the car, in the gym, at the school, in my office, running errands, etc. You all know the drill.

Well these pants performed beautifully on all fronts – especially the gym during my own workout. No riding or pinching or gapping of any kind. I have to say I was REALLY surprised because I have been stuck wearing some of the I-spent-half-my-savings-on-you-over-priced-over-marketed-threads-that-still-don’t-cut-my-personal-mustard despite their ineffectiveness, and can’t wait to get these babies washed so I can wear them again.


pusher top frontPusher top backThe Tank

I adore racer backs because they help showcase all the hard work I put in, and they tend to be the least restrictive and most comfortable style for me. This tank fit the bill nicely, being supple and staying in place. It is form-fitting, but not overly tight. This is essential because I still have a little muffin top to grapple with on my more monthly days. It’s SO awesome that I even plan to wear it outside the gym because of its powerful message.

The Message

And that brings me to what attracted me to this company in the first place. The message. Pusher. Fierce. Peace. Love. I emote each and every one of these when I’m in my temple of The Gym. AND the accompanying graphics really drive them home. That’s me ALL THE WAY! It’s as if Heather had created this line just for me and my occasional mopey mojo. When I’m not feeling like myself, I don’t have to say anything to let people know who I really am because it’s literally written all over me. Brilliant! THAT is what motivated me on that droopy day, and I am excited by the knowing I’ll have that same success each time I choose this outfit.

The Value

How many elite fitness brands have I tried?  Not enough to bankrupt me YET, but enough to realize that even though the performance is better than my stand-by Old Navy and Target brands, you DO NOT have to spend the equivalent of dinner out for a family of 4 for 1 pair of workout pants. I’m pretty jazzed about this because I have recently found myself needing to expand my work wardrobe, and let me tell ya there’s a lot of Lycra in the mix.

And let’s please note that it’s not my need for fashion as much as my need to avoid laundry that has prompted said expansion. Shine Athletica’s price points will allow me to do that. AND feel like a badass. AND feel comfortable doing it. ALL day.

shineathletica buttonThe Discount

Because you are an amazing 43fitness follower, Shine Athletica has created an outstanding deal for you during the month of October.  SAVE 15% off on all purchases through the Shine Athletica website and Etsy store.

Just click on the beautiful pic of Heather ABOVE and use promo code ShineOn to get your own wearable mojo and spread empowering sunshine wherever you go!