Dear Emotional Eater: You CAN Handle The Truth About Your Relationship With Food. Here’s How.

As you know by now I am a fitness professional. I take that title very seriously because my name and reputation are grounded entirely upon my success at my craft. And my fulfillment at this job is significantly grounded in my success at it. I am really good at talking about my success, and you can read more about that here.

What I want to talk about today though, is the fact that I haven’t been so successful with everyone. I take pride in coaching women from all walks of life and situations. I have to admit that I was quite arrogant when I started this new profession, thinking I could help any and everyone if they would just do what I told them.

But what happens when you’ve got someone who just CAN’T do what you tell them? No matter how much they want to, you want them to, and how many times they start over? It’s not for lack of trying, I assure you. And I thought if I just supported them enough and encouraged them enough, talked with them enough, they would eventually come around. They would finally find the motivation within them to just do it. But in the end. They didn’t do it.

Why, Why, WHY couldn’t they DO it?

What I didn’t know about fitness coaching is that some folks have issues that go way beyond what the certification textbooks teach you. Oh sure they touch on it, talking a holistic approach, about lifestyle/attitude change and how to create it. They even provide the steps so matter-of-factly that one just assumes that the mind of the client will be on board. Especially if the client is telling you that it is.

Just because people were seeking me out and paying me to help them didn’t always mean they were ready. We talk about food being 80% and exercise being 20%, but the mind has to be at 100% BEFORE you even think about getting in shape. So if I’m doing the math correctly, you really have to be ready to give 200% at the outset. 200% is a lot for anybody, but it’s especially difficult for someone whose subconscious is bent on self-sabotage.

ninjaWhat the big fitness mentors in the sky never really tell you is that you have to be a Mind Ninja in order to effectively help emotional eaters. They know about it, but they know that it will discourage you to know about it too. So they let you find out for yourself. Case-in-point: there are some trainers that have, after experiencing a few of the not-so-ready clients, changed their coaching structure to only train with clients who are SERIOUS. And they charge huge fees to let you know they are serious about being serious. In fact, they will drop you if you aren’t serious enough. Apparently they don’t have any mental nun-chucks in their arsenal, and I suppose they never plan to. That’s because this type of coaching takes special talent.

I understand where they are coming from, and also don’t plan to don a black mask and blousy jumpsuit any time soon (although it sounds like a really rad get-up to wear to the gym). But I feel like there’s a better way than rejecting those I’m not trained to assist. What if I could help people who weren’t ready for me yet by setting them up to hit that initial 100% outta the park? What if I could partner with someone who KNOWS this stuff inside and out?

I have reviewed numerous fitness products and books on this site in the past. Some sponsored, some not. This review is strictly out of love and respect for the author. I paid good money to learn some amazing stuff in her new book, The Dignity Diet, and now I’d like to tell you how you can use it to get yourself unstuck if you’re stuck in emotional eating. I somehow knew a lot of this intuitively, managing to motivate myself when I decided to transform, but I have never actually been able to communicate it in a meaningful way to my clients.

lin eleoffEnter Mind Ninja: Lin Eleoff

Lin is kind of a badass, and that’s what it takes to get your mind right when it’s been playing the same tired, hopeless (and largely untrue) life soundtrack for the umpteenth time. No one can rewrite those songs but you, and she’s got clean sheet music.

As much as you might want to blame your body for being overweight, it’s not your body’s “fault.” Your body is doing the only thing it can do: process the food you keep feeding it even when it doesn’t need food. Your body has been made a slave to what’s going on in your head. Your head, meanwhile, has become an expert at convincing you that food will make “it” all better, whatever “it” is.

How’s that for a smack upside the head? This was just one of the powerful quotes I encountered as I pored through the pages of the absolute raw, yet relatable truth that is this guide. Not only does she lay out the 4 stages of weight loss and help you understand which curtain you’re behind, she takes you day-by-day through the process of learning to love and trust yourself so you can really, FINALLY understand and CHANGE your relationship with food.

And there are more jaw-dropping nuggets of wisdom throughout, all delivered in a way that manifests in serious accountability. It’s a new kind of accountability that grows as you learn to invest in yourself. So much so, that you will actually be craving it by the end of the 42 day program. It’s true what another reviewer suggested: “Read this book with a highlighter.” My copy is accessorized with lots of pink neon.

So go read the reviews and go buy the book. Get to know Lin and her unique definition of dignity. I DARE YOU. You CAN handle the truth, and you owe it to yourself to accept the facts and get on with it. Now.

And when you’ve found your happy place and lovingly restored your dignity to it’s former glory, then come see me because the Body Ninja is in (that’s me)!

dignity dietSo you want to lose weight?


Talk is Cheap It’s always on sale. And it never runs out. Talk can also be very fattening, especially when it keeps us locked in a dizzying cycle of CRY-EAT-REPEAT!
The Dignity Diet sheds a big bright light on all the ways you sabotage yourself when it comes to your body, your weight, and the food on your plate. It’s time to stop talking and start doing. It’s time to get your dignity back.

You can trust that I will never promote a product or service that I don’t personally endorse and have experience with.  And you can always bet that I will promote whatever I think is beneficial, whether I get paid to do so or not.