Fitness Freak Question #1: Is That All You’re Gonna Eat?

It’s amazing the responses one garners in pursuit of personal fitness. As you probably know by now, I’m not your run-of-the-mill 40ish suburban mom on the cul de sac (or in the gym). I get that I’m a little different, and I’m pretty good about owning it. However, the comments elicited by my seemingly freakish appearance/behavior sometimes stop me in my tracks. I realized that as an adopter or potential adopter of a healthy lifestyle, you may encounter some of these too.  Therefore, I have decided to create a series addressing the various questions, good and bad, and answer them accordingly.

pea on plateFirst and foremost we must tackle the most popular question I get about the quantity of food I eat in one sitting. In most western cultures, we are programmed to eat portions the size of our heads (to offset the millions of starving children in the impoverished country of your choice) 3 times per day. I used to do that too, and it sure does make things simple because we all want to help malnourished babies, and let’s face it, preparing decent meals takes lots of resources in the way of time and well, time.

By now you’re all grown up and have taken whatever legitimate action you can to feed the world, understanding that whatever amount of food you eat or don’t eat is of little consequence across vast oceans. You may have also heard that humans’ metabolisms just function better on numerous small meals per day. I am not saying that’s the only way to fly, but if you decide to take this approach, be prepared to answer about it.

Most of your lunch dates will understand if you frame up your pee wee portions in terms of the number of meals, “I just ate at 10am, and I’ll eat again at 2” usually handles the inquiry. However, your table companion could still be feeling some anxiety about the amount of food they’re about to order in light of your seemingly dwarfish dish. You see a serving of lean protein, veggies and a complex carb on a plate. They see 2 peas and a twig. Having this perception may inhibit them from ordering that 2lb burrito they’ve been craving all week.

Stay tuned for the next installment because this leads us to Fitness Freak Question #2: I Just Want You To Know That I’m Ordering The Mega Monster Mondo Meal. Are You OK With That?