Fitness Freak Question #2: I Just Want You To Know That I’m Ordering The Mega Monster Mondo Meal. Are You OK With That?

Welcome back to the Fitness Freak Questions Series! Last week we tackled the most asked question I have encountered on my transformation journey: Is that all you’re gonna eat? Now that your lunchmate understands your position on the eentsy eats you’ve got going on there, let’s move on to the burning subsequent query:

I Just Want You To Know That I’m Ordering The Mega Monster Mondo Meal. Are You OK With That?

OF COURSE I’m OK with that! This is a free country, and I salute your prerogative as a grown adult to literally choose chocolate covered doughnuts for every meal. If you want to. And at what point in time did I become The Judger anyway?

It seems that unsolicited title was quietly bequeathed to me around the time I got those certifications and announced my new profession to the world, right? I get it. I counsel people on how to get healthy, and you’re standing in front of me eating all unhealthy like.

It’s quite possible that you have encountered arrogant fitness professionals or recent transformees who look down their noses, sprinkling their judgement on any and everyone who isn’t modeling the picture of health at all times. And you can bet that those same nasal down-gazers have at some point in time hoppped off the rails in favor of laying around and sampling doughy wares from the glazed side of the tracks.

I just want you to know that I’m not one of Them. Them who forgot where they came from, or forgot that junk food was engineered for addiction. Them who deny that starting a new workout plan when you’re out of shape is scarier than vacationing at the beach during Shark Week.

I remember where I came from. I came from polishing off an entire BOX of chocolate covered cherries on the short drive home from buying them. I came from rationalizing that eating a banana split for lunch was OK because I only paid $.99 for it at Dairy Queen. I came from eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted because I could.

Until I couldn’t.

And that is why it’s completely and entirely OK to order whatever you want in front of me, because you know that if there ever comes a time when you can’t, I’ll be there.

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