Fitness Freak Question #3: So Do You Oil Yourself All Up When You Work Out?

Welcome back kind readers to the Fitness Freak Questions series, tackling the most mind-boggling inquiries I’ve encountered along my transformation journey to my perceived Fitness Freak status. For the past few weeks we tackled things people ask when you eat with them. Today comes totally out of left field, as it did for me on the day it was asked:

So do you oil yourself all up when you work out?

Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it? However, put into context with the moniker I’d just draped over myself during that conversation, it all falls into perspective.

Vintage oil canBodybuilder. It’s a term that conjures up all sorts of crazy, based on its stereotypical, steroidal legacy. Anytime that term is slung around, nasty images of hulking, gravelly-voiced SHEmales comes to mind. I realize that I’m opening up a can of taboo theatre every time I utter the word.

But I’m OK with that because I’m out to change that notion. Bodybuilding is defined as the activity of doing exercises (such as lifting weights) to make the muscles of your body larger and stronger. OR the developing of the body through exercise and diet; specifically the developing of the physique for competitive exhibition.

Exercise – check. Lifting weights – check. Larger, stronger muscles – check check. Diet – BIG check.

Competitive exhibition? UNcheck. Those last 2 words are what used to keep me from calling myself a bodybuilder. Well, being associated with women taking performance enhancing drugs and being on the Beard & Manface Watch List kept me from it as well.

BUT now that I understand where the misunderstanding comes from and dismiss the stereotypes, I am proud to use the name. Because that’s what I am. I don’t compete, but I sure eat and train like I do.

And finally, let’s get to the point of the question about the oiling up. No. I don’t oil up. Not when I work out. Not even for my latest photo shoot where I used a LOT of preparatory props. Oil was not in the bag o’ tricks. If I ever do plan to compete (because one never knows what in the world I’ll do next) then I can change my answer. But THAT is another post entirely, my friends.

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