What’s happening with our beloved Triscuits

Triscuits newIf you’re a longtime reader or client, then you have probably heard about one of my favorite carb options – Reduced Fat Triscuits.

If you are a new reader, then you can clearly see that I am a fan of sane solutions to clean eating. I love these crunchy crackers because they have just 3 ingredients and are so incredibly versatile and portable.

I’ve got good news and bad news after Mondelez Int’l’s (Nabisco’s new daddy) last packaging makeover.

The good news is that they have created a fresh recipe using peas and cottage cheese. Great option if you actually LIKE peas. They also have kept the contents the same, meaning ingredients, macros and total calories are consistent with the Triscuits of yore.

The bad news is that they also changed the serving size. In the rush to reduce food sources to the magical 100 calorie mark, it’s now 6 Reduced Fat Triscuits per serving (110 cal) instead of the 7 (120 cal) we’re used to.

Should you reduce your personal serving to match?

MORE GOOD NEWS: Nope. Stick to what you know and what works. 120 calories for a serving of carbs is completely reasonable. 7 crackers will give you more protein, more fiber and will help you build muscle and reach satiety. The food industry will be ever morphing and changing to suit the latest trend. Find your own personal trend for success and stay consistent. Therein lies your victory.tricuits new side