Giddyup! B3’s New Anytime Schedule

Sometimes seeing the forest can be tough with all the trees in the way, and I realized that recently about my transformation journey, and effectively how I got to where I am today.

In addition to training my amazing, wonderful, dedicated clients in the gym, I also train multitudes of clients all over the globe through an online 6 week program called B3-Back to Basics Bootcamp. The methods I teach in B3 helped me out of my BEFORE situation, to get to where I am and have been for 3 years.b3 program that got me here

Why I’ve never summed it up this succinctly escapes me. Wait a minute. I am NEVER succinct. I guess you can chalk it up to lack of experience. I am still learning how to the be the best at my craft every single day, and sometimes I have a hard time articulating the core idea, getting lost in all the detail.

My goal today is to try and simplify my message about this amazing stage based approach to lifestyle transition. I was into fitness for a long time before I made it a profession, so I have used many resources  gathered around my own transformation, my certifying bodies for nutrition and training, as well as a wealth of anecdotal experiences with my clients.

The key here is that I have wrapped all this knowledge up into a simple, manageable package:

It’s Affordable: Have you priced private coaching/personal training lately? $99 will get you 6 full weeks with personal attention through email.

It’s Accessible: 100% online. START NOW. Or later. That means you can do this on your time, from wherever you are. In the world. No excuses to hide behind this time.

It’s Effective: That means it works! I’ll let a few of my B3 grads speak to this:

  • Amber in ColoradoOverall, since your class and implementing those changes, it feels like fat is just melting off!! I pulled out a pair of capris from last summer and they fall off of me. And, I also put on a pair of shorts I wore pre-kids and they fit! I am also starting to see muscle definition which is the most exciting to me.” – Amber, Colorado
  • Meghan HelsinkiI found the course to be really informative, positive, and motivating.  I like how Cassye considers different lifestyles and abilities and allows for you to be human and adds some flexibility.  These factors are all important to help you to be able to form these life-changing habits–this isn’t a short term fix, it is a long term, permanent goal to take better care of yourself.  The week by week incremental changes make the whole process a lot less daunting.” – Meghan, Helsinki (Finland)
  • Justine in TexasI think B3 is a great program and it’s laid out very simply and easy, with focusing on adopting one new habit each week.  It’s a very realistic, supportive program that fosters good communication and positive reinforcement through the private FB forum.” – Jusine, Texas
  • “This time will be different because I can’t believe how terrible my body has felt over this last year having let myself slide back into old habits. I thought there was something serious wrong with me and so did my doctor, but since getting back on track with Cassye’s help I am feeling better and better.” – Jodi, Wyoming

And you can read more testimonials here. Within them you’ll find words like affordable, easy, supportive and attentive. These are all the things I give to my clients in the gym that you can also take advantage of at a fraction of the cost.

I know I have yammered on and on about this program. You see it in my Facebook Posts and Pinterest Boards. But as you’ll note with all my other endorsements and affiliations. I don’t push what doesn’t work. This works. It worked for me and my clients because it is a NEW approach. It can work for you too. YOU can be the broker of your lifestyle transition. One decision at a time. Click here to learn more and sign up.

If you’re still on the fence about all this, I totally understand. Drop me a line. I’d love to meet you and hear your stories.

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