Protein Powder Review – Labrada Jamie Eason Series Lean Body For Her

Endorsement Disclosure:  From time to time I’ll extol the virtues of a specific product or service.  If I am being compensated to review a product I’ll certainlylet you know. Otherwise, you can rest assured that I receive zero compensation in doing so.  Today’s post is a case of the zero scenario. If I really like something, I feel compelled to share.  Word of mouth is a powerful force, and I love to see excellence rewarded.
jamie eason labrada chocWow, what a mouthful. From here on out, I’ll simply refer to this product as Jamie’s protein. I think it’s safe to say it’s the only one she’s endorsing today.

So let’s talk about Labrada for a minute. Lee Labrada, a decorated bodybuilder, founded the company over 20 years ago. Like most supplements dedicated to the industry, the trend has been to lean more toward performance than health.  Things like sucralose and other chemicals have historically been utilized to ensure mainstream protein powders are tasty, easy to mix and produce a good texture. Until Jamie became part of the picture, I’m not sure I’d have considered this line.

I don’t want to pick on Labrada, though. Just like many big companies out there, they followed FDA guidelines, and their studies don’t identify a lot of the chemicals used in supplements as dangerous. I just like to be careful with protein powder because it’s part of a daily meal for me.

If you’re familiar with my journey, you’ll know that Jamie Eason was a big part of it. She’s a super generous spirit with a good head on her shoulders. She’s also a true clean eater and cancer survivor, so having her input into the ingredients list makes this protein a standout. Lee was smart in getting her on board.
I’m sorry that I continue to only review chocolate options here. I just feel like it’s more forgiving as a flavor and I tend to like it better than most vanillas out there.

SCALE: 1-10 with 1 being totally crummy and 10 being completely awesome. I’ve found with food that people have different thresholds for different aspects of the food. Same goes with protein, so I’ll rate each attribute using this scale.

COST: A biggie when you’re shopping for protein because cost per serving can add up quickly when supplementing on a daily basis.

TASTE: Perhaps THE biggest because if you can’t choke it down, it’s all over.

INGREDIENTS: Very important because, again, you may be using this for more than one meal every day.

MACROS: Important, but not as essential because you can add to it with blendables or real food sides.

MIXABILITY: Again, lower on the list, but key for those relying on this as a portable option.

AVAILABILITY/CONVENIENCE: This is a big one for me because I am very busy and don’t want to have to rely on purchase methods that are complicated or that make me wait for the product.

Labrada Jamie Eason Series Lean Body For Her 100% Whey Concentrate – Chocolate Flavored

COST: 10

2.7 lb/30 servings for $38.99  or $1.30/serving on Currently $40.71 or $1.36/serving on Amazon Prime. Either way that’s a dang good deal!


True to form, the proteins with the best ingredients have the worst taste. This one is not my favorite. Its taste is similar to the other chocolate protein powders I’ve reviewed here. But even less savory somehow. It’s got a twangy after-taste that I can’t pinpoint. jamie eason label

INGREDIENTS: 8jamie eason ingredients label

Made with foods you can pronounce, using natural sweeteners including monkfruit and decent binding agents. The chicory root adds a boost of fiber. Most other healthy powders I’ve reviewed include these as well, but I thought I’d call them out this time.


In true Jamie style – 25g PROTEIN! Moderate 8g carbs so you can drink as is or add to it, low fat, LOW SUGAR with 3g , low sodium and decent fiber at 3g.


No issues here, even with water. Quick and easy.


labrada tankCurrently I’ve only seen Jamie’s protein online. Please let me know if you see it in stores. Buy it at or other online stores. I believe Amazon has the best pricing if you use Prime. I have ordered both ways and have to say I really enjoyed speaking to the folks over at Labrada. They are based in Houston, Texas, my home state. AND at the time I ordered I received a free tank, which I wear all the time. You won’t get that at the discount sites.


BOTTOM LINE SCORE (average of all the attributes) 8.5


In terms of ingredients, macros and price this protein is superior. It should stay that way as long as Jamie’s on the package. Availability and taste are less than optimal, though. Have you tried this one? What did you think of it?