A Girl Walks Into A Gym…

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Ever have one of those sinking moments of buyer’s remorse when you’ve bought something totally decent that really seemed great in the moment, but realize later that it’s not entirely what you wanted after all? You feel too guilty to say anything about it because it ticked all the boxes during the pre-sales pitch: good price, good quality, etc. And if you lined up 100 people (my father’s litmus test for just about anything) they’d all agree that you got what you paid for.

So why don’t you feel like it? This was a conversation I had with one of my newer clients recently. She had a trainer before she came to me, and she really liked that trainer. He was professional, educated, and gave her the types of workouts matched with her goals. She got some decent results with the workouts for a good period of time. But then she didn’t. Turns out this just wasn’t the trainer for her, and she had a hard time putting her finger on why.

The Lannisters send their regards

I’ve written about the perils of not speaking your peace with your trainer, but this was something else. Turns out she didn’t relate very well to him, and though he was a great guy, there just wasn’t a spark, you know? Sometimes you instantly click with people; it’s all roses and rainbows and you can almost finish each others’ sentences. But sometimes you don’t click, and at the end of the day it’s nobody’s fault. However, you can’t just return something (or in this case someone) based on a lackluster click-factor.

Needless to say she learned that spending 3 or more intimate hours a week doing vulnerable things when you’re feeling terrible about yourself requires special handling and a special relationship. Maybe even someone who’s been in your shoes and can relate to you in a very specific way. Like obsessing over the most recent plot contortion on Thrones.

If  you just walk into a gym and ask about personal training, you’re more than likely going to end up with whomever is available for the times you want, and not necessarily the perfect trainer for your goals and personality.

That’s where this new age of technology can really help. It’s easier than ever to find people you connect with on a deep level. I’m sure you do it online every day. Because of this huge thing we call the internet, you can hire a trainer whom you actually know something about by the time you hand your money over, and you can do it with confidence because you feel like you already know them. Local or not.

You’ve been to their About page, you’ve seen their credentials, read their testimonials, watched their videos and maybe even engaged on social media. And guess what? Because they’re online, the training they offer is super affordable compared to conventional local training. Brilliant!

So before you become another girl who walks into a gym, take a look at your options online and don’t underestimate the power of authentic connection, regardless of the distance.

Here's what your workouts will look like
Yep, that’s me in there!

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