Protein Powder Review – MRM Natural Whey (highest rating to date)

Endorsement Disclosure:  From time to time I’ll extol the virtues of a specific product or service.  If I am being compensated to review a product I’ll certainlylet you know. Otherwise, you can rest assured that I receive zero compensation in doing so.  Today’s post is a case of the zero scenario. If I really like something, I feel compelled to share.  Word of mouth is a powerful force, and I love to see excellence rewarded.

20160424_100945Today we’re going to talk more about protein. You may or may not know that my quest for decent, mixable, tasty and healthful options has been a long and arduous journey. Not to mention that I need to switch things up from time to time, so I enjoy seeking out new selections that I can pass along to you.

A find that I found quite a long time ago (but somehow have forgotten to mention since 2013), was brought to my attention by Jamie Eason Middleton. Not personally, mind you, but as one of her umpteen gazillion fans, I was listening when she endorsed this product because I trust her judgement and she happens to be an amazing person.  MRM offers many options, so I’m reviewing their Unflavored Natural Whey specifically based on how I used it in the past, and the results I enjoyed.

MRM is based out of Oceanside, CA, a lovely town that I visited a few years ago on one of our famous family beach vacations. I wish I would have know that at the time so I could have dropped in and thanked them for existing. MRM appears to be steeped in information and integrity. I like what their website says about them: “committed and passionate about the development of innovative nutritional supplements that reflect sound, clinical and experimental data collection, interpretation and application” – ooh so sciency. I also love that they are involved in their community and support the Non-GMO Project. Most importantly, I feel, is that the company is comprised of real people who respond when asked questions by little ‘ole nobody consumers like me from Colorado.

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Carly Ferrarese, Business Development Manager at MRM is a fine example of this tenant. I sent a general inquiry asking about the manufacturing location for this product, because many are now made in China and other countries with lax enforcement standards. And she responded. Within one day. She kindly let me know that this protein is manufactured in their own manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Here’s Carly – doesn’t she look nice? She is a big reason why I heart this company.

So on to the good stuff. I have been and will continue to be reviewing protein supplements as I come across them (or in this case rediscover them) and as my crazy schedule permits. I’ll continue to use my trusty scale and attributes list to summarize my opinion for each.

SCALE: 1-10 with 1 being totally crummy and 10 being completely awesome. I’ve found with food that people have different thresholds for different aspects of the food. Same goes with protein, so I’ll rate each attribute using this scale.

COST: A biggie when you’re shopping for protein because cost per serving can add up quickly when supplementing on a daily basis.

TASTE: Perhaps THE biggest because if you can’t choke it down, it’s all over.

INGREDIENTS: Very important because, again, you may be using this for more than one meal every day.

MACROS: Important, but not as essential because you can add to it with blendables or real food sides.

MIXABILITY: Again, lower on the list, but key for those relying on this as a portable option.

AVAILABILITY/CONVENIENCE: This is a huge one for me because I am very busy and don’t want to have to rely on purchase methods that are complicated or that make me wait too long for the product.

MRM Natural Whey – Unflavored

COST: 11 (no, not a typo)

The cheapest I found was 2.03lb for $31.99  = 40 Servings at $.80 cost per serving (plus Amazon Prime membership).


True to form, the proteins with the best ingredients have the worst taste. Being that the flavor is called “unflavored” I feel it may be unfair to judge the taste too harshly. The saving grace here is that the taste is not offensive, there just really isn’t any. Naming this flavor “unflavored” is completely appropriate and true for me. I do know it comes in other flavors like Dutch Chocolate and Rich Vanilla. The unflavored easily blends with bananas or other fruit for a subtle flavor that’s no problem to get down. However, shooting it straight with water, as I’ve done in a pinch in the past is brutal at best. The upside to that fact though, is that you only have to mix it with 4 oz. water so only a few gulps are required.

photo courtesy of Amazon
photo courtesy of Amazon


Very few, which is good. It’s basically just whey, L-Glutamine for muscle recovery, enzymes, no sweeteners and no artificial stuff. I don’t think there is a 10 out there, unless you include powdered bison.


Super bueno. 18g protein, basically no carbs so you can drink as is or add to it. VERY low fat, VERY little sugar, and TREMENDOUSLY low sodium (hence the flavorless taste) but no fiber. I’d love to see some fiber, but that would likely bring up the carbs. On second thought, no. It’s great just as is. I’d rather add my own fiber anyway.  This protein is just that. Protein. It’s incredibly adaptable for individual needs. Sometimes you just want the protein so you can eat real carbs and fat alongside it. But it’s not organic, you say. For the price I wouldn’t expect that, so a 10 here, folks.


No issues here, even with water. Quick and easy.


To date I feel like MRM is not marketed for the mainstream masses. And that has mostly to do with taste. The average consumer is not only looking for sweetness, but ULTRA sweetness because their taste buds have been calibrated by doughnuts and Frappuccino. MRM is aimed more toward athletes and health foodies. However that doesn’t mean it’s hard to find. Most health food stores in my region, like Sprouts and Natural Grocers carry it. But for price and those living in the sticks, Amazon is pretty much everyone’s ticket.

 BOTTOM LINE SCORE (average of all the attributes)  9.16


So there you have it. An awesomely nutritious option that’s easy to find, really easy to mix and is so affordable that it’s close to actually depositing money back into your supplement bank. MRM is currently enjoying my highest rating to date. Have you tried this one? What did you think of it? Still looking? Check out my other protein powder reviews.