My Latest Take On Holiday Survival

Photo: No matter how much I tell myself I will REALLY enjoy these, they are never ever worth it. EVER.
No matter how much I tell myself I will REALLY enjoy these, they are never ever worth it. EVER.

The following is a tweaked version of a post I published about 2 years ago. Lots of the content still applies now, so I’ve included it as a good reminder for us all, along with some new information about how things are going as of late.  My basic take is still the same. I try and approach the holidays with PREhab in mind. You know, the opposite and proactive version of REhab. As our old friend Ben used to say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. He couldn’t be more right when it comes to this topic.

NEW gym!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. I’ve been sitting here for about 30 minutes trying to come up with a new angle on the holiday survival theme because I usually cover it every year. The first year I came to you with a confessional. The second year I provided this post. Last year…well last year didn’t happen because I was so busy being a trainer. And this year I’m smack-dab in the middle of our latest facility transition, which I must admit is going absolutely swimmingly! Follow along on Instagram for pics and deets! Yay!

Me and my Lobster

At this point I feel like there is plenty of information out there, and by now you get that it’s gonna be a tough quarter. And the Halloween we all just survived is only the beginning, right? But the thing is, even though it may SEEM like the last few months of the year are the hardest to stay on track, the truth is we live in western society. Living in western society means that we find reasons to celebrate pretty much any and every day.

lipstick day
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Take July 29th, for example. I reached into my fuzzy pea brain and pulled out the most random holiday I could think of. How about National lipstick Day? I was right. It’s really a THING! What that means for you and me is a flurry of lipstick shaped cupcakes or candies or other whatnot to celebrate it with.

This is no different than your son’s imaginary friend’s goldfish’s birthday, or promotion to the PTA decorations committee. There. Will. Always. Be. Something.

So. I’d like you to reflect back on your 2017 so far. You’ve had some good treats, haven’t you? Cookies? Candy? PIE? I imagine so, because I know I have, and I don’t really eat too much of that stuff.

I have found the key to sustainability with living a health lifestyle is this: treat every day the same, and with moderation. That way you won’t let yourself justify all the ridiculousness that’ll be hurled your way every time life happens. And as you’ve noticed, it happens A LOT. I’ve changed my position a bit as time has unfolded.

I’m now more apt to eat 3 Skittles one night, a bite of pudding another night, and a small spoonful of honey another night rather than downing a huge dessert in one sitting once per week. Doing this has allowed me to feel more human when sweet opportunities present themselves, and I have taken on a few mantras regarding celebratory foods:  2-3 bites of a special dessert, 1 worth-it cookie, absolutely no kids’ birthday cake, etc.

Please note, however, that I was not always able to do this. It’s only a recent progression I’ve been able to make based on my solid 5-year nutritional foundation. In the past I would have slid down into utter helplessness at the first taste of sugar. Now I have a better handle on things, and can still dabble on a regular basis without going through big resetting sessions.

At this point I don’t know if this information is helpful, or if you’re even in a position to try it. If you’re thinking not so much, then read on. If you are thinking you’re ready to try it, then I heartily congratulate you, and look forward to hearing all about it in the comments below.

Oh yay you stayed! If you’re still a slave to the hindrances of the holidays, I’d like to help you with a little prequel of things to come. Instead of waiting until January to undo everything you will probably end up doing (again) this year, why not just keep from doing it in the first place? Starting over is SO last season!

I can show you how to change up your lifestyle and create your own personal blueprint for success – all while enjoying fun holiday treats and staying off of the treadmill. My approach is different, and I hope you’ll consider taking advantage of my coaching services  We can work 1-1 in-person or online, or you can take my virtual 6 week class (grab your free module here).

1-1 in person is pretty self-explanatory, and here’s an example of a move I LOVE to do the in gym (demonstrated by the {not so small} person).


I know virtual/online training can seem woo woo at best, but believe me it works, and it’s actually how I started my business! Here’s a great example of what can happen in 6 months if you decide to really apply yourself.

As your online personal fitness trainer I will provide you with a series of comprehensive video workouts so you can take me anywhere. Couple that with a customized nutrition strategy through weekly video/phone sessions and you’ve got a recipe for major mojo! Right now get 3 months for $645, and soar through the holidays with me as your co-pilot.

Yep that’s me in there!

B3 VIRTUAL CLASS: With my online class you’ll receive 6 weeks packed with relevant and practical information you can apply right away…or in little bits as you go. Best part is you can start RIGHT NOW!

Just $99 Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get.B3 Bootcamp What to Expect


I know this all may seem like a big commitment, and quite frankly it is. So if you’re not quite ready to jump in with the coaching, I invite you to just hang out awhile and read through the blog, where I documented my personal transformation journey and collected lots of useful info to help you. I know it may seem a bit dated at this point, BUT the key ingredients will never get stale. They will ALWAYS give you the best recipe for success:  Lift heavy, eat well and prioritize your self care. Whatever you decide to do, I hope this holiday season finds you happy, healthy and STRONG!