Join The 80% Who Stick With New Habits This Year

Simple, but not easy

I was doing some reading recently, and I feel like a new type of trend is emerging; a trend of sanity and sustainability for those trying to get healthier with their New Year’s resolutions. The information behind this trend isn’t news to me. In fact, for most of us devoted to this lifestyle it’s really old hat. The cool thing though is that more and more people I talk to are actually GETTING it. And the IT is this: Healthy living can be completely and utterly overwhelming if you’ve been living life in general, which oftentimes leads to being sedentary and developing some poor eating habits.

depositphotos_19475415-Drowning-in-paperwork---bureaucracyThere is so much information out there, you can drown just dipping your toe into it. Low carb, no carb, low fat, raw, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, clean, IIFYM, anti-inflammatory. No sugar, no processed foods, no bread, no alcohol and no night shades…wait, what?!? It’s no wonder Americans are so frustrated and lost, and that those haggard old resolutions set you up for failure and shame year after year.

I saw a statistic stating that habits changed one at a time are the most effective. A whopping 80% of people retain a habit for a year or even longer when it was just the one habit they were given to work on. That number diminished to just 35% when they were given two habits simultaneously. Trying for three habits ratcheted them down to a dismal 5%. SOUND FAMILIAR?

The moral of the story is that not everyone can do everything all at once. In fact most people can’t. It’s all about stages. It’s amazing that I intuitively picked up on this based on my own transformation journey and my clients’ experiences. The same old rip-and-replace methodology was just not working. There had to be a better way, and so I created one. I’ve been so busy training clients in-person I’ve reduced this program to just once per year, AND the start date just happens to fall on the MOST perfect date for 2018. Monday, January 1. If that’s not the moon and stars lining up for those of you who REALLY like to begin precisely at the beginning, then I don’t know what to tell you. Now let’s get to the deets.

B3 is a 6 week online program that is based on the actual steps I took to lose 23lb of body fat. The best part is that you can do it on your own time, in your own home, and guided by a certified fitness professional at an affordable price. A recent graduate said she got her money’s worth in the first week! You can find more testimonials about the program at the bottom of this page.

Everything is there for you: weekly videos straight from my kitchen and gym, relevant links and a supportive B3 kitchenb3 gymprivate forum to share ideas and get support. Plus, you’ll have all the materials to reference forever more. We’ll be talking about a multitude of habits you can adopt, but even if you decide not to adopt all the habits we talk about over the course of this program, you’ll STILL be rockin’ that 80% if you pick just one and stick with it. And when you’re ready for the next habit, all you have to do is pull up that video and I’ll be right there to guide you through. How great is THAT?

Click here to watch a short summary video and get additional details and registration information. We start Monday, January 1. You’ll also want to check out the special below so you can claim your spot.


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I hope you too are in a place of peace and understanding about the stage-based approach to a healthier life. I’m here to make sure you’re successful, so I hope to see you on the 1st! In the meantime let’s hear about a good habit you’ve picked up or a not so good habit you’ve let go of.