The Art of Resetting

gingerbread house I have decided that the stale (opened and bendy) dollar store candy we bought to decorate the gingerbread house is no longer worth the calories. Maybe like me, you’ve been in clean eating limbo, working toward moderated eating amidst the cornucopia of food to the contrary still lying around the house.

I do a pretty solid job of it, I must say, because I established a pattern for the holidays and other special events a long time ago. I didn’t know there was a name for it at the time, and just ended up falling into this method of vacillating smoothly between fit lifestyle and carb coma.

Photo: Fit2Fat2Fit
Photo: Fit2Fat2Fit

It’s called resetting. Resetting means that you start over after a planned or unplanned meal, snack or landslide outside of your eating strategy. And the BIG key to my brand of resetting is that you do it immediately, and you do it without shame. You don’t give up because you slipped one time.

That would be like my very favorite quote on this subject, slashing the other 3 tires because you got a flat in 1. I feel like this is the single most powerful thing you can do to migrate to healthier eating. You slip, you get back up. You don’t wallow around down there, beating yourself up with the guilty stick. You get over it.  Fall down 7 times, get up 8. No reason in the world to stay down on the floor just because you lost your footing. That is of course, unless you need the sleep.

Toothbrushes, chewing gum and dental floss isolated on whiteResetting is a habit and a way of life. And the cool thing about it is that I’m sure you know how to create a habit. I’m fairly certain that if you’re not residing in a cave in the woods that you have other habits in your daily existence that you adhere to pretty strictly.

Brush your teeth much? Bathe at all? It’s the same thing. Just because you’re fried one night, and fall into bed with your makeup on and fuzzy teeth does not mean that from now on you’ll be wearing your mascara under your eyes and adopting cavities and halitosis as a way of life. You don’t berate yourself all day (week, year) about the lack of brushing and cleansing that one time.

No. You skip one night, you go right back to the routine the next morning because you appreciate glowing skin and a sparkling, fresh smile. Right?

You know I’m right.

So if you mow through a pile of cookies one Friday night after dinner that doesn’t mean you’re now relegated to eat this way until Monday morning, or until after your period (FINALLY) shows up, January 1st rings in, or you just suck so much at this that all bets are off indefinitely. Insert whichever rationalization applies here.

NO. You RESET. IMMEDIATELY. Because that slip is the exception and not the rule. Going off the rails for the exception is just a bad habit. And I’m willing to bet it’s a pretty well-ingrained one. It will take some time because your mind is not used to doing it this way. It’s used to caving for the exception.

Flush ToiletPractice practice practice resetting, and eventually it will become the rule. Resetting is just what you do, like flushing the toilet and washing your hair. When you do it, you’re exercising self-care by staying accountable to yourself.

And just like a welcoming commode, and luxurious locks, there are huge benefits to be gained from eating well. Your future self with thank you because you’re salvaging your health, energy, strength and confidence. You are honoring yourself in the highest form by fueling your body with food it recognizes and knows what to do with.

Yes you can plan for moderated eating with cheat meals and the like, but now you can plan for spontaneous setbacks too. Because you’re going to have them. We all have them at one point or other. If you learn to expect and plan for them, you’ll tip the scales permanently in your favor toward success at this lifestyle.

How’s it going for you this season? If you’re struggling to make big change, you can hit that reset button RIGHT NOW and MAKE IT STICK this time.

If you’re not ready yet you can work on your mindset to get you there faster!

Whatever path you choose, I hope you’ll keep us posted on your progress. Remember a healthy lifestyle has no finish line, so it’s imperative to find a way to enjoy the journey!