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I have answered a few common questions in the FAQ below, so please check it out to save yourself time and get your answers immediately. Still don’t have your answer? Send me a message and I will be happy to address any questions you might have regarding my services.

Everyone responds to diet and exercise differently. Fitness is a spectrum, and you’ll need to find your personal sweet spot along that spectrum to optimize fat loss and muscle gain. I can help you find that spot and offer advice for additional tweaks to ensure your continued success along the way.
Nope. There is nothing I can write for you that will be any more customized than what you can find in a magazine or online. As a personal trainer it is imperative that I get to know my clients by working with them long enough to program for imbalances, mobility/stability issues, movement patterns, ability level and personal preferences. This level of work puts the “personal” in personal training. Writing a program for you sight unseen is just taking your money. And that’s not why I’m here.
Absolutely! Our facility is a judgement free zone featuring a private gym where you can be free to experiment with movements and feel comfortable as you get used to working out again.
That all depends on your current state of fitness, your goals and your level of compliance to the program we create for you. Also keep in mind that getting fit takes longer than most people usually expect. At a minimum expect to spend 6 mos - 1 year of consistent training to see solid changes in your strength and muscle mass.
I have accommodated many physical issues with clients and am happy to figure out the best way to meet requirements you may have around injuries, while keeping you as close to your program as possible.
Yes! I work with all of these populations and have specific knowledge and experience around meeting their fitness needs.
No! In fact, I find this can sometimes be demotivating to people who've been conditioned to look to that number as a marker of value. As a person, your weight is the least important thing about you. I'm more interested in you body composition, and that can't be measured on a scale.
In a word: yes. I track progress on many levels, and photos are just one tool in my motivation arsenal that will help nail down your level of commitment, and ensure that I’m doing my job. I KNOW it sounds terrible, and maybe even impossible to do, but I promise you’ll be so glad you took this initial step of discomfort to showcase your hard work (I would personally hand out my before pics on street corners if I thought I could get away with it)!
I take our confidential relationship very seriously. I would NEVER (and let me repeat that for clarity) NEVER, EVER share photos or ANY personal content from our private conversations without your express permission. Your trust means literally everything to me, and I would never do anything to jeopardize that. When you have great things to say about our time together and have reached a point where your progress photos invoke a smile, I may ask to post them as a testimonial or as part of a success story. Again, however, I would do this ONLY with your permission.
I don’t require that you take videos of your workouts. However, I do expect to hear about any issues you’re having around your exercises, and will ask for details about how you are progressing. If you would like me to take a look at a move you have questions about, I’m happy to do so at any time via a Skype session or a video submission.
I do not. I do offer a suggested list of foods broken down into macro nutrients, so you can choose things you love from the lists. I have found that providing meals with prescribed food items is futile at best. You may not like or tolerate what’s on there, and even if you do, you may not like it forever. Not to mention your family. It is my job to make sure you take the time to put foods together in a way that is convenient and tasty for you and suits your personal situation. That way, once our time together is done, you have created a solid foundation to build on going forward.
I accept major credit cards, Paypal, checks and good old cash.
Definitely! I understand that training is a valuable investment in your health that brings with it a serious financial commitment. To help you manage the expense I offer monthly payment plans at 0% interest for my 3 and 6 month programs.
My reputation is 100% dependent upon your success. If after 30 days of working with me you’re just not getting the results you expected or feel like it’s not a good fit, I will be happy to refund the prorated portion of your coaching fees within 3 business days from the date of your written refund request. No questions asked.