Meet Cassye

A common mom transformed through fitness


I am Cassye Delphy, and I specialize in fitness for women. I coach transformers who are striving for big-time change that is not only attainable but sustainable.

Why me? Because I was once where you are now, and I understand how it feels to finally make eye contact with that unhappy stranger who’s been loitering in your looking glass.

I am an agent of change, and I specialize in mojo restoration and fitness for women. Are you emerging from the domestic vortex, where family life has been the epicenter of your identity? An impassioned career woman whose job has taken over her life? Maybe you’re a combination of both, desperately trying to balance both worlds while living up to the outrageous expectations of modern western society.

Wherever you’re coming from, my job is to help you regain your strength and confidence through demystification of the weight room and SANE, stage-based lifestyle transition.





I stood there and gaped at my reflection in the mirror. Having not worn a swimsuit in 7 months, I’d expected to look a little pasty, a little momish, maybe even a little frumpy, but WHAT was THIS? WHO was this CREATURE standing in front of me all misshapen and upholstered?! I certainly had not given her permission to be in my bedroom, let alone wear my clothes.

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I can name almost any band from a song on an 80’s radio station.

I love cars and can’t wait to get another red one.

I enjoy reading self help books, but I’m not sure how ‘helped’ I am as a result.

I adore toads, and miss having them around since moving to Colorado.

Sunshine and coffee are essential to my happiness.

I am pathologically punctual.

I am afraid of flying since becoming a parent.

I derive a lot of personal satisfaction in dusting with my Swiffer.