My Journey

A cure for the common mom

Istood there and gaped at my reflection in the mirror. Having not worn a swimsuit in 7 months, I’d expected to look a little pasty, a little momish, maybe even a little frumpy…but WHAT was THIS? WHO was this CREATURE standing in front of me all misshapen and upholstered?!? I certainly had not given her permission to be in my bedroom, let alone wear my clothes.

In 2011 I was disappointed and sad because I’d let myself go, and I’d become that stereotypical mom in her 40s who had just given up. I realized that this year had marked the second round of clothes purchased in larger sizes to accommodate my recent growth. Two rounds of acceptance of a myth that turns out wasn’t really true AT ALL – you get older and you get out of shape. It’s just a fact of life. That was B.S., and I finally called it on that day.

In this moment, 43fitness was born;
a cure for the common mom.

Well now that I’ve spilled my guts all over you, let me introduce myself. I’m Cassye Delphy, and I find enormous personal fulfillment in helping women find the strength, courage and determination to forget about the rules so they can make and keep the changes they desire. These days, my time is dedicated to doing just that. With my certification as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach the journey has come full circle. Not only do I get to work face-to-face with local clients, here in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, but I also coach clients remotely all over the world.

I started this website as a personal blog to pay forward all the love and support I received on my transformation journey. As I’ve shared my story and connected with so many incredible people, I discovered a greater purpose: My life’s calling. I know, I know. It’s a little further down the timeline than most, but in case you missed it, I haven’t been paying attention to the rules for moms my age for quite some time!

Thank you so much for stopping by. We have a lot to talk about, so kick off your shoes and stay awhile!

Oh, wait! Before you go I wanted to tell you about a nice little freebie I whipped up for you – my free Sugar Video. It’s a 3-step tutorial to help you reduce or eliminate sugar on your own terms, so you can look great in a tank top and still eat like a human being. What a perfect first step toward healthier eating.

In the video you will learn:

  • Why it is so hard to quit sugar and exactly how to squelch cravings
  • How to avoid feeling deprived with dessert options you’ll use as stepping stones
  • When and how to incorporate beloved favorites into a sensible nutrition plan so you can still eat to meet your goals