Nutrition Coach

As a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer I make it my job to walk the talk. That means I work out on a regular basis and eat to support those workouts. I take for granted that “everyone” knows this so I’m a bit baffled when I’m approached by someone who wants to know how I look like I do, and they automatically assume it’s the workouts. And while it’s true that the way I exercise definitely contributes to my overall physique, it’s WHAT I EAT that is the absolute key. Especially as a 50-something female human.

You can lift heavy 5 days a week to reshape your body and supplement with awesome conditioning for added fat loss. However, you will never EVER see the results of all those gym sessions if you don’t eat right

Now that we’ve got that straight, I totally understand if it feels like an overwhelming reality. Because… nachos. However, transitioning to healthier eating patterns doesn’t have to be a rip and replace proposition. Playing the long game can be incredibly manageable when taken in stages. That’s how I did it, but it took me over 10 years.

My goal as a Certified Nutritionist and Behavioral Change Specialist is to help you accelerate that process. What if you could begin taking action at your very next meal, and in a way that honors your goals, lifestyle and serious commitment to donuts?

Some Things you'll learn about


  • All about macro nutrients and portion sizing
  • Why Carbs are not the enemy
  • The right amount of protein
  • How to squelch cravings
  • 3-step sugar rehab process
  • The final word on coffee


  • Developing an alcohol strategy
  • Why you should kill your scale
  • How changing just one thing can impact your goals dramatically
  • The best method to get out of your own way


  • Shopping for food (pantry make-overs and grocery tours limited to local clients)
  • Label reading
  • Wholesome meal options you can create in under 10 minutes
  • Ways to incorporate your favorites and still eat like a human being
  • Designing an effective timeline for your personal success

Whether you need to ask a few questions and refine your strategy, have the knowledge but need a solid push in the right direction, or are entirely new to nutrition and want to undertake a complete and total eating overhaul, I'm a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a bridge to connect you to the amazing life that's been waiting for you. I have been to the other side, and I can help clear the path for you, even if the view is a little fuzzy from where you're standing. Let me help you get there.

Not Local Not A Problem

I am so fortunate to work face-to-face with my clients, here in beautiful Northern Colorado. However, a substantial portion of my coaching practice is conducted remotely with clients in locations all over the U.S. and the world at large. I can help you reach your goals, wherever you happen to be. Let’s just say I’ve got a solid handle on long-distance relationships.


We’ll do a free 30 minute assessment in-person for locals, or remotely via phone call or video chat so I can learn more about your history and goals. Based on our first meeting we’ll lay out your plan and begin work right away. You’ll receive a customized nutrition strategy and progress assessments that we’ll cover together in our meetings/chats every week.

Each coaching session will include assigned homework checks, strategy points, goals assessment and any pertinent discussion topics as needed. We’ll conclude each session with a follow-up summary text or email detailing action items for each coming week. The number of weekly sessions and overall program length is completely customized and will determine our meeting schedule. Life is busy so I will do my very best to accommodate you as we launch your plan!

See the table below to choose the best plan for you, and get even more details about all the amazing support you’ll receive as my client. Want to know more about my style? Get the scoop straight from clients who’ve worked with me.

Still have questions? Try the FAQ for answers!



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3 month program
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$816 total or $272 monthly

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6 month program
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$1,584 total or $264 monthly

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