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Back to basics

Are you tired of starting over? Frustrated by the all-or-nothing fads that aren’t attainable OR sustainable? Not everyone can change everything all at once. Most people are able to get themselves out on the trails or into the gym, but true fitness is a harmonious synergy between exercise and good nutrition. I know for me eating healthy was the hardest part. In fact, it took me 10 YEARS of stops and starts to finally embrace a healthy diet and get the results I was after.

I’m here to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to you, and I’ve designed an affordable new online fitness training program from the ground-up to simplify the process and help you embrace new habits at a manageable pace. And even if you need to take more time, the tools you’ll amass during these 6 weeks will provide you with a blueprint to customize a strategy for your specific needs.

B3 Back-To-Basics Bootcamp

Begins January 1, 2018. SAVE $20 by signing up today!

*Please be sure you are gifting this program to someone who has ASKED for it. Unsolicited fitness gifts can sometimes backfire, placing your giftee at risk for hurt feelings and you at risk for serious bodily harm. And I assure you, my friend. Nobody wants that. When purchasing, you will have the opportunity to add email, message, and send date for your giftee after checkout

B3 is a stage-based health and wellness online fitness training program designed to broker your lifestyle transition one decision at a time. Get your food and exercise right and the rest will take care of itself. Take a peek at this short introduction video where I explain how we do this and why it’s so different from other programs you may have tried in the past.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn the hows, whens and whys of eating and training from a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Already have a trainer? This online fitness training program is the perfect companion to your sessions in the gym because there is usually so little time between sets to fill in the multitude of gaps surrounding eating and general nutrition. Below are the topics I discuss each week.

  • 3 wholesome breakfast options you can create in under 7 minutes
  • The easiest way to sneak in powerful nutrients
  • How changing just this one thing can impact your goals dramatically
  • All about macro nutrients and how to incorporate them into your diet
  • Why Carbs are not the enemy
  • A specific list of foods and portion sizes
  • What type of exercises are best for burning body fat
  • How to correct the moves you’re probably doing wrong
  • Regression and progression for all ability levels
  • How to squelch cravings
  • 3-step rehab process
  • Ways to incorporate your favorites and still eat like a human being
  • Develop an alcohol strategy
  • Simple options to spice things up without
  • The final word on coffee
  • Why you should kill your scale
  • The best method to get out of your own way
  • How to design an effective timeline for your personal success
What You'll Get
  • Weekly videos straight from my kitchen and gym
  • Step-by-step guidance for creating meals
  • A list of suggested foods
  • Research-bases articles and resources
  • Private community page exclusively for B3 participants
  • Engage with others on the same path for ideas and support
  • A hub for my answers to your questions and relevant links and documents
  • Unlimited email support
  • Online workout program for home and gym (delivered via my app)
  • Customized personal Blueprint
  • Discounted private coaching package for all B3 Grads
Who It's For
  • Those who are new to the idea of exercise and proper nutrition
  • Those who have some idea (and even tried to make some changes on their own) but ultimately found it overwhelming
  • Those who have been there, done that TOO many times, landed back at square one, and are ready to invest in what really works
  • Those who have been there, done that (and even got some results) but need a kickstart to boost their motivation
What It's Not
  • A detox, cleanse or calorie restrictive diet
  • A sales pitch for supplements or other fitness products
  • A quick fix or magic bullet

What Clients are Saying

I have been working with Cassye for almost a year now and it has been a great experience! I came to her after a stress fracture in my foot and after restrictions were lifted during the pandemic. I was out of shape to say the least. Cassye creates an extremely comfortable environment, free of intimidation and really listens to you and your body. She takes the time to learn about you and creates workouts that fit your needs. She's a 10/10!

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I have been working out with Cassye for 6+ months. She is knowledgeable, kind & tailors my workout according to my specific needs. I met my first goal which was to become strong in order to lead the best life possible. I am strong and powerful thanks to my workouts with Cassye! My next goal is weight loss. I have already lost weight, but am focusing on eating healthier based on Cassye’s recommendations.. My time with Cassye has been so beneficial to my health and well-being. I look forward to working with her in the future!

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My experience with Cassye at 43Fitness has been truly transformational and educational. Working with her has completely abolished my fear of the gym!
Although she is highly skilled in working with all levels, I was searching for a trainer who was right for my initially limited skillset. Working with Cassye for over 6 months exceeded my expectation by a long shot.

If you’re considering a trainer in the Fort Collins area, I highly suggest meeting with Cassye for an initial consultation. She will work with you on your goals (or help you set some!) and provide you the tools you need to conquer them, and sustain your progress, even long after you’re done working together. This is not a one-size-fits-all trainer, this is high-quality, customized, coaching. Cassye is an incredible trainer, with a true passion of holistic nutrition, with bountiful health and exercise knowledge she loves to share with clients.

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I am so pleased and happy to say that I lost 13 pounds on the program with Cassye. I am honestly so thrilled the way she set up my plan, and I've been telling everyone I know about it. I am so excited with my new way of living, I am all about showing people this great new way that isn't dieting anymore!

I've come up with so many new recipes that are whole foods and I absolutely love what I get to eat. She changed my whole outlook on "dieting". I feel like I don't diet and this is just a great new way of life for me now. I am so excited to keep going forward especially now that I see results. It was a long time coming but I am so much more satisfied with the process long term.

I'd like to thank Cassye for all she's taught me and how supportive she's been. Thank you for not only helping me change for the better physically but also mentally getting my mindset to always feel accomplished and happy with myself in every little change towards the better. That really is what keeps me going is having that changed mindset!

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Simply calling Cassye a trainer almost diminishes all the other things she is to me - personal trainer, nutrition coach, accountability partner, therapist and friend.

I was on this crazy roller coaster of balancing work with the rest of my life, especially in terms of healthy eating. She is along for that ride and always assuring me that "I got this" and to "get comfortable hitting the restart button." Her honesty and compassion help me turn away from feeling like a failure to actually having solid days at work and fueling my body with what it needs to succeed.

I'm so thankful to be on this journey with her and I'm pumped to see what I can accomplish with her helping me crush my goals.

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Cassye is an incredible trainer. My time with her was absolutely transformational. I needed to lose some weight but more importantly, I needed to get in shape and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that was sustainable and not overwhelming. I started with a 6 week challenge with another organization and lost the weight but knew immediately after completion that I was still nowhere near my goal. I hired Cassye and spent several months with her and she taught me everything from weight training to nutrition to health management. She has a wealth of knowledge and comprehension of overall fitness. She is not a one size fits all but rather she learned my specific needs and customized my training accordingly. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about changing your health and fitness for life.

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I am, at heart, a sea slug and slacker, and Cassye Delphy's training is helping me counter that. She provides good value, is very professional, and I enjoy the time I spend with her (even if exercise itself isn't my idea of fun). I highly value the exercise facility we use because it's quiet and pleasant. I appreciate Cassye's flexibility and knowledge of different ways to achieve the ultimate goal, from individual muscle groups to overall fitness improvements. I also appreciate the variety she brings to our sessions. She provides the right amount of positive attitude and encouragement for me, and the progress tracking is excellent.

Carol Van Natta
USA TODAY Bestselling Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

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I worked with Cassye for a little over a year. She spends some time getting to know you and your body, particularly if you’re dealing with old injuries or a long workout layoff. I had both and she was able to get me back in good shape and confident enough to work on my own again. Not working out after a major shoulder surgery, and an old hip injury and subsequent replacement had really set me back. Cassye’s emphasis on core strength and then general fitness really helped me. I’d recommend her to newbies as well as she has an excellent knowledge of physiology and exercise science. She will push you…

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Lynn in Colorado

I highly recommend 43fitness. Cassye is an amazing trainer. I have trained with her multiple times per week for a year and a half. I am 56 years old and had never lifted weights before but now I am hooked. I love going to the gym and each time I want to lift heavier/more than the last time. Cassye has taught me proper form in order to avoid injury and to work the proper muscles and she has been very patient teaching ME to be patient with my progress. Having her there to keep me accountable and disciplined in my workouts and food choices works well for me.

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Testimonial from Tina in Colorado

At the age of 46, I had already experienced life as a yo-yo dieter for over 15 years. My pattern was to try new diet plans that were so restrictive it was impossible to maintain. I purchased exercise DVDs that stressed more cardio than weight training. Having a perfectionist type of personality, it was all or nothing. Obviously, perfection is a myth.

Soon, I would fail in one way or another and I would stop again. Also, my body type allowed me to deceive myself because I carry my weight mostly around my middle. With long arms and legs, I could cover up my mid-section and “forget” how much weight I was actually carrying around.

My biggest fear in getting started with a trainer was being vulnerable. I had to face truths related to my habits, insecurities, health and fitness levels. I knew this time had to be different and I needed help to make a change that would last. A family member had already been involved in online training with Cassye, and I had observed her success with increased fitness level, weight loss, and rise in self-confidence. This helped me to reach outside of my comfort zone and begin. Cassye helped me to understand that it isn’t about how many times your perfect expectations failed but how many times you got up to try again. She allowed me to be ok with doing my best on the days that were hardest. I now understand that consistency is the key that will trump perfection every time. Many times in my roller coaster ride of fitness, lack of self-confidence would affect my success. You would help me see that my journey is my own and no one else’s. This gave me the self-assurance to decline food in social situations and not be bothered by other’s opinions or behaviors. Oh, the pictures and the measurements! This was an ultimate test of fears, let me tell you! There was something so profoundly different from what I saw in the mirror and what was captured in photos. Absolute and undiluted photo reality! Bam! This was a wake up call that was terrifying to me but you promised I would not regret doing them and you were SO right! I love my before pictures. What? Yes, it is true. I’m so proud of seeing where I came from and they give me a continuous jolt of motivation to NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!

Tina's magnificent results evolved into a complete transformation story!

Tina's magnificent results evolved into a complete transformation story! Read all the details around her success.

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She cares unstintingly about your progress; she observes details of posture, alignment and body tension; she encourages and praises genuinely; she gives wholeheartedly of herself for your wellbeing; and sheís interesting and fun. Five months ago I began by telling her honestly that I absolutely did not like to exercise. I now look forward to my sessions. With Cassyeís help, I'm my own success story!

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Cassye is an amazing personal trainer. She tailors your workouts to your personal needs and is there to encourage you every step of the way. I reached out to Cassye for a couple of reasons. One was to help my daughter who is on high school cheer improve her strength for stunting and jumps. The other was for me to gain some overall strength as well. I have always been reluctant to step into a gym because the machines intimidate me and I just wasnít sure where to start. Cassye put all my fears to rest. Since starting to work with Cassye, my daughter and I have seen improvement in our overall strength and fitness. We enjoy our workout sessions because they are challenging and fun too. I highly recommend Cassye if you are looking for a personal trainer!

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