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An affordable way to reach your goals

You know you should eat well and exercise, but if it were that easy everyone would be doing it. As your personal online coach I can help you realize how simple it is to be healthy, provide serious accountability, and educate you about what nutrients and movements your body needs to truly flourish.

The solution lies in the multitude of simple choices you make each day. Your Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition choices. Yet, you may not understand why many conventional foods are harming your body (and ultimately stealing your groove), why the right kind exercise program is so important to getting a lean and shapely form, and how a negative attitude and stress can cause lifelong physical damage.

Whether you need to ask a few questions and refine your strategy, have the knowledge but need a solid push in the right direction, or are entirely new to this lifestyle and want to undertake a complete and total transformation, I’m a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a bridge to connect you to the amazing life that’s been waiting for you. I have been to the other side, and I can help clear the path for you, even if the view is a little fuzzy from where you’re standing. Let me help you get there.

Not Local? Not a Problem!

I am so fortunate to train face-to-face with my clients, here in beautiful Northern Colorado. However, a substantial portion of my coaching practice is conducted remotely with clients in locations all over the U.S. I can help you reach your goals, wherever you happen to be. And I can do it for a fraction of what you’d pay to train conventionally. Let’s just say I’ve got a solid handle on long-distance relationships.

And speaking of local training, you CAN be local and still take advantage of my online programs. You’ll pay a lot less and be able to train in your own gym or at home, and on your own schedule. How’s that for convenience?


We’ll do a free 30 minute assessment in-person for locals, or remotely via video chat so I can see your movement patterns and check for any imbalances. Once I have all the details I need, I will create your program. It will include a series of progressive workouts with exercise videos demonstrated by me and delivered to you on a free, intuitive app. You’ll be able to take me anywhere!

Here's what your workouts will look like

Unpack your gym bag, grab your phone, and I’ll walk you through every step of every single move right in the gym, or wherever you are. You’ll even be able to log specific details about each of your workouts, schedule them on your calendar and communicate with me in-app so we can be sure you’re staying on track.

We’ll rendezvous right here in my home office

You’ll also receive a customized nutrition strategy and progress assessments that we’ll cover together on our calls/video chats each week. Everything you need to succeed will be right there in your online program. See the table below to choose the best plan for you, and get even more details about all the amazing support you’ll receive as my client.

Still have questions? Try the FAQ for answers!

Want to know more about my style? Get the scoop straight from clients who’ve worked with me.

Programs & Pricing


Best Value
Programs to Get Your Mojo Back!
Most flexible plan designed for goal achievement in your space and on your time ($10/workout)

Full Details

Single Session
One-time power session to reignite your inspirational fire or lay the groundwork for success.

Full Details

Jump Start
A concentrated 1 month program for a solid start toward your goals. ($32/workout)

Full Details

Intensive 3 month program built for serious goal achievement. ($30/workout)

Full Details

Ultra comprehensive 6 month program to exceed your goals through complete lifestyle
transition. ($28/workout)

Full Details

75-minute personal in-gym (local), phone, or video chat session
30-minute personal in-gym (local), phone, or video chat sessions
Overall health and wellness assessment
Long-term and short-term goal setting
Customized, progressive workout plan
Individually planned nutrition strategy
Exclusive Facebook Group
Progress monitoring
Discussion and strategies around your biggest challenges and obstacles to getting healthy
Personal accountability
Weekly action items
Email support as needed
Payment plan available

And, If That's Not Enough

Sometimes you’ll need more from me than just the hour a week we’ll have together. A huge portion of your success with your program is tied to specific details about your food. Because you’ll spend less than 1% of your weekly time with me and about 99% of your time on your own, you may need more reinforcement with your nutrition than I can provide during our sessions

Grocery Store Tour

Trudging down the aisles of your favorite supermarket can be a confusing excursion when juggling the latest health food fads of the day with simply trying to get the job done; especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Let’s take some time together and let me help you simplify the process so you can shop with confidence. This option is only available to clients local to Fort Collins, Colorado.

  • 60-minute personal tour of the grocery store where you shop
  • Detailed information about labels and how to find the best healthy value for your money
  • Personalized grocery list compiled at the store and emailed post-tour
  • Additional links and resources for future trips

ONLY $100

Get Started
Pantry Makeover

This session will be judgment and shame free! Nothing will be thrown out, but you’ll complete this process with a better understanding of why some of your choices eventually should be replaced.

  • 60-minute personal assessment of the foods in your kitchen in-home or via Skype
  • Comprehensive Nutrition and label reading guidance
  • Details on why foods are preferred or not, along with helpful handouts
  • Customized grocery list for replacement items emailed post-makeover

ONLY $75

Get Started