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This time will be different

Well you made it this far, and you might be feeling skeptical right about now. I know you’ve been through this before…eat right and exercise. Lose it and gain it back. But this is not your mother’s program. It’s a lifestyle, my friend. How do I know? Because I live it every single day. I walk the talk so you can reap all the benefits from my experience.

How about a 100% customized approach? I can help you find simplicity in exercise & nutrition with these three fitness programs and personally teach you how to get your groove on for good!

Personal Trainer

If you are lucky enough to reside in or near beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, then I would love to be your certified personal trainer and train with you in person!

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Online Personal Trainer

You know you should eat well and exercise, but if it were that easy everyone would be doing it. As your personal online trainer, I can help you realize how simple it is to be healthy, provide serious accountability, and educate you about what nutrients and movements your body needs to truly flourish.

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Nutrition Coach

As a certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer I make it my job to walk the talk. That means I work out on a regular basis and eat to support those workouts. I take for granted that “everyone” knows this so I’m a bit baffled when I’m approached by someone who wants to know how I look like I do, and they automatically assume it’s the workouts. And while it’s true that the way I exercise definitely contributes to my overall physique, it’s WHAT I EAT that is the absolute key. Especially as a 50-something female human.

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