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I started working with Cassye at 43fitness about five (5) months ago. While I wasn't necessarily looking to meet with her in-gym, I was really needing a coach, who could help guide me in my journey for weight loss and better overall health. I worked with her remotely each week, as she provided insight into better workout options for me, based on my goals and available home gym equipment, and more importantly, help me better understand the types of foods that were holding me back from weight loss, and more so, those foods that would help me move towards my goals.

Within those 5 months, I have lost in excess of 30 lbs, and more importantly, have a far better grasp of my overall daily calorie, carb, protein, and fiber needs. Cassye is a great listener, who focuses on what someone's real challenges are, before jumping in with suggestions to "fix" the issues. I would highly recommend 43fitness to anyone that is really looking for a lifestyle change, and not just looking for the latest-and-greatest way to lose weight fast.

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I started training with Cassye in July of 2021, and can’t recommend her enough! All of my apprehension about working out vanished after our first session!

Cassye is very knowledgeable and professional, but above all of that, she knows how to push you to be your best self in a positive, encouraging way. Cassye starts each session by asking how you are feeling, both physically and mentally, and adjusts the workout plan accordingly. Each workout has been challenging, yet doable, and has pushed me to make consistent improvements in my strength and abilities.

The mental and emotional benefits are endless, but the biggest physical change I’ve noticed is a reduction in my chronic back pain. Prior to working with Cassye, I experienced multiple trips to the hospital for recurring back spasms, and was always dreading the next time it would happen. Fortunately, I haven’t had any episodes since we started, and I am so encouraged by that. Not only has my core strength improved, but I have also learned new ways to almost immediately relieve my back pain when it tries to creep up on me.

If you are considering reaching out to Cassye to start a training and/or nutrition program, do it! She is amazing, and will have you looking forward to each session and feeling mentally and physically fantastic every time you complete a workout! Cassye has become a regular part of my routine, and I can honestly say I consider her to be a good friend at this point. I just signed up for another 6 months of sessions, and I can’t wait to see how much more progress I will make during that time!

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43fitness client

Working with Cassye was fantastic! She gave me the consistent encouragement and inspiring energy that I needed and I was completely comfortable and unintimidated. I really appreciated and needed the form checks and reminders along with food choices. She is easy to talk to, answers any & all questions and explains things in a way I can understand.

I went in pretty out of shape with knee, hip and back problems. She was able to help me "re-boot" with simple super effective exercises that I will forever use in my new weekly routine at home. I'm stronger than I have been in years! 43fitness clientThank you Cassye for giving me the positive reinforcement, accountability and tools I so needed to get back on track with life!

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I have been working out with Cassye for 6+ months. She is knowledgeable, kind & tailors my workout according to my specific needs. I met my first goal which was to become strong in order to lead the best life possible. I am now...so strong and powerful thanks to my workouts with Cassye! My next goal is weight loss. I have already lost weight, but am focusing on eating healthier based on Cassye’s recommendations.. My time with Cassye has been so beneficial to my health and well-being. I look forward to working with her in the future!

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I have been working with Cassye for almost a year now and it has been a great experience! I came to her after a stress fracture in my foot and after restrictions were lifted during the pandemic. I was out of shape to say the least. Cassye creates an extremely comfortable environment, free of intimidation and really listens to you and your body. She takes the time to learn about you and creates workouts that fit your needs. She's a 10/10!

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My experience with Cassye at 43Fitness has been truly transformational and educational. Working with her has completely abolished my fear of the gym!
Although she is highly skilled in working with all levels, I was searching for a trainer who was right for my initially limited skillset. Working with Cassye for over 6 months exceeded my expectation by a long shot.

If you’re considering a trainer in the Fort Collins area, I highly suggest meeting with Cassye for an initial consultation. She will work with you on your goals (or help you set some!) and provide you the tools you need to conquer them, and sustain your progress, even long after you’re done working together. This is not a one-size-fits-all trainer, this is high-quality, customized, coaching. Cassye is an incredible trainer, with a true passion of holistic nutrition, with bountiful health and exercise knowledge she loves to share with clients.

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I worked with Cassye for a little over a year. She spends some time getting to know you and your body, particularly if you’re dealing with old injuries or a long workout layoff. I had both and she was able to get me back in good shape and confident enough to work on my own again. Not working out after a major shoulder surgery, and an old hip injury and subsequent replacement had really set me back. Cassye’s emphasis on core strength and then general fitness really helped me. I’d recommend her to newbies as well as she has an excellent knowledge of physiology and exercise science. She will push you…

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I am so pleased and happy to say that I lost 13 pounds on the program with Cassye. I am honestly so thrilled the way she set up my plan, and I've been telling everyone I know about it. I am so excited with my new way of living, I am all about showing people this great new way that isn't dieting anymore!

I've come up with so many new recipes that are whole foods and I absolutely love what I get to eat. She changed my whole outlook on "dieting". I feel like I don't diet and this is just a great new way of life for me now. I am so excited to keep going forward especially now that I see results. It was a long time coming but I am so much more satisfied with the process long term.

I'd like to thank Cassye for all she's taught me and how supportive she's been. Thank you for not only helping me change for the better physically but also mentally getting my mindset to always feel accomplished and happy with myself in every little change towards the better. That really is what keeps me going is having that changed mindset!

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Simply calling Cassye a trainer almost diminishes all the other things she is to me - personal trainer, nutrition coach, accountability partner, therapist and friend.

I was on this crazy roller coaster of balancing work with the rest of my life, especially in terms of healthy eating. She is along for that ride and always assuring me that "I got this" and to "get comfortable hitting the restart button." Her honesty and compassion help me turn away from feeling like a failure to actually having solid days at work and fueling my body with what it needs to succeed.

I'm so thankful to be on this journey with her and I'm pumped to see what I can accomplish with her helping me crush my goals.

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Cassye is an incredible trainer. My time with her was absolutely transformational. I needed to lose some weight but more importantly, I needed to get in shape and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle that was sustainable and not overwhelming. I started with a 6 week challenge with another organization and lost the weight but knew immediately after completion that I was still nowhere near my goal. I hired Cassye and spent several months with her and she taught me everything from weight training to nutrition to health management. She has a wealth of knowledge and comprehension of overall fitness. She is not a one size fits all but rather she learned my specific needs and customized my training accordingly. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about changing your health and fitness for life.

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I am, at heart, a sea slug and slacker, and Cassye Delphy's training is helping me counter that. She provides good value, is very professional, and I enjoy the time I spend with her (even if exercise itself isn't my idea of fun). I highly value the exercise facility we use because it's quiet and pleasant. I appreciate Cassye's flexibility and knowledge of different ways to achieve the ultimate goal, from individual muscle groups to overall fitness improvements. I also appreciate the variety she brings to our sessions. She provides the right amount of positive attitude and encouragement for me, and the progress tracking is excellent.

Carol Van Natta
USA TODAY Bestselling Science Fiction & Fantasy Author

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Lynn in Colorado

I highly recommend 43fitness. Cassye is an amazing trainer. I have trained with her multiple times per week for a year and a half. I am 56 years old and had never lifted weights before but now I am hooked. I love going to the gym and each time I want to lift heavier/more than the last time. Cassye has taught me proper form in order to avoid injury and to work the proper muscles and she has been very patient teaching ME to be patient with my progress. Having her there to keep me accountable and disciplined in my workouts and food choices works well for me.

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Testimonial from Tina in Colorado

At the age of 46, I had already experienced life as a yo-yo dieter for over 15 years. My pattern was to try new diet plans that were so restrictive it was impossible to maintain. I purchased exercise DVDs that stressed more cardio than weight training. Having a perfectionist type of personality, it was all or nothing. Obviously, perfection is a myth.

Soon, I would fail in one way or another and I would stop again. Also, my body type allowed me to deceive myself because I carry my weight mostly around my middle. With long arms and legs, I could cover up my mid-section and “forget” how much weight I was actually carrying around.

My biggest fear in getting started with a trainer was being vulnerable. I had to face truths related to my habits, insecurities, health and fitness levels. I knew this time had to be different and I needed help to make a change that would last. A family member had already been involved in online training with Cassye, and I had observed her success with increased fitness level, weight loss, and rise in self-confidence. This helped me to reach outside of my comfort zone and begin. Cassye helped me to understand that it isn’t about how many times your perfect expectations failed but how many times you got up to try again. She allowed me to be ok with doing my best on the days that were hardest. I now understand that consistency is the key that will trump perfection every time. Many times in my roller coaster ride of fitness, lack of self-confidence would affect my success. You would help me see that my journey is my own and no one else’s. This gave me the self-assurance to decline food in social situations and not be bothered by other’s opinions or behaviors. Oh, the pictures and the measurements! This was an ultimate test of fears, let me tell you! There was something so profoundly different from what I saw in the mirror and what was captured in photos. Absolute and undiluted photo reality! Bam! This was a wake up call that was terrifying to me but you promised I would not regret doing them and you were SO right! I love my before pictures. What? Yes, it is true. I’m so proud of seeing where I came from and they give me a continuous jolt of motivation to NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!

Tina's magnificent results evolved into a complete transformation story!

Tina's magnificent results evolved into a complete transformation story! Read all the details around her success.

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She cares unstintingly about your progress; she observes details of posture, alignment and body tension; she encourages and praises genuinely; she gives wholeheartedly of herself for your wellbeing; and sheís interesting and fun. Five months ago I began by telling her honestly that I absolutely did not like to exercise. I now look forward to my sessions. With Cassyeís help, I'm my own success story!

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Cassye is an amazing personal trainer. She tailors your workouts to your personal needs and is there to encourage you every step of the way. I reached out to Cassye for a couple of reasons. One was to help my daughter who is on high school cheer improve her strength for stunting and jumps. The other was for me to gain some overall strength as well. I have always been reluctant to step into a gym because the machines intimidate me and I just wasnít sure where to start. Cassye put all my fears to rest. Since starting to work with Cassye, my daughter and I have seen improvement in our overall strength and fitness. We enjoy our workout sessions because they are challenging and fun too. I highly recommend Cassye if you are looking for a personal trainer!

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Ali in Colorado

Cassye is an amazing trainer! As someone who has struggled with disordered eating and body image issues almost my whole life, I hesitated to seek out a trainer - I wanted my fitness goals to be centered around feeling stronger, NOT losing weight. Cassye was SO respectful of those goals, and she was happy to tailor a program for me that would help me meet them on my own terms!

Whenever I started doubting myself, she swooped in with so much encouragement and enthusiasm that I couldn't help but feel motivated again. She also taught me a LOT about my body - how it works, why it moves the way it does, and what it needs to fuel it properly. She even went to the grocery store with me to help me find healthier alternatives to the products I normally buy! After several months of training with Cassye, I feel stronger - and more prepared for a permanent lifestyle change - than I ever have!

Now that my training has ended, she's STILL been instrumental in keeping me motivated to continue working out on my own. The support and encouragement I've received from her have truly been above and beyond, and I would recommend her to anyone!

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Barb in Colorado

I have been training with Cassye for 2 years and I would highly recommend her! I have always been active but had never really implemented an exercise program into my life. Cassye has taken me from being a beginner to a stronger, more confident person! She is supportive and always positive, never allowing me to underestimate my ability! I recommend Cassye to anyone looking for a personal trainer who cares!

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Mary in Colorado

Cassye is AMAZING! She works around all of my injuries, all of my weird body things, and I am sooo much stronger than when I started! She is great, understanding, and also super fun. This girl knows her stuff!

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Malini in Colorado

Cassye is a remarkable personal trainer. I've seen significant results working with Cassye remotely (virtually) in only 4 weeks! I've been most impressed by her breadth of knowledge and how she applies it to each individual - she is second to none.

Rather than using a canned approach to personal training, Cassye assesses the individual thoroughly. She then designs a thoughtful, creative and challenging program that is complete with all that you will need to succeed. I feel a sense of relief working with Cassye. For years I floundered around trying all sorts of fitness and nutritional options trying to get back to how I looked in my 30s. Now I am focused, and I spend much less time workout and worrying about what to eat. It is all very clearly defined. Thrilled that I came across 43Fitness Personal Training and that I finally reached out for guidance. Could not be happier!

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Ciri in Maryland

I can't believe the progress I have made, both physically and mentally while working with Cassye. She is professional, personable and patient. She focuses on the "entire you" including discussions about food and lifestyle. Cassye has motivated me to take charge while equipping me with exercises tailored for my body.

I highly recommend Cassye regardless of your previous training experiences. She really knows her stuff and customizes workouts for each client. I am so proud to work with her and I look forward to our sessions together. She makes gym time fun and productive!

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Silencia in Colorado

I love training with Cassye. She helps keep me stay motivated and on track. She has a gentle approach and is fun to work with, and I have been pleased with my results. My only complaint is that she makes me do push ups and I absolutely hate those (but she did get me to the point where I can actually do them, so I like that part ? ).

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Nancy testimonial for Cassye Delphy

In 2014, it was a year of discovery for me. I’ve learned so much about my focus, my health, my alcohol dependence, my attitude, my willpower, what feeds me in my work.

I’d like to express a "my heart is so full" and "eyes are full of water" kind of thankfulness to Cassye Ewald Delphy. While it started innocently enough as a hired trainer to get my butt back in shape, it's turned into the most incredible and deep, soul searching, self awareness journey I’ve ever been on. Who knew that gaining some physical strength would contribute to mental and emotional strength as well? Well, I didn’t. Had no idea. But she did.

Cassye, to you I say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. For helping me find my strength, my voice, my truth. For calling BS on all the lies I tell myself to stay comfortable and not being afraid to do so. For seeing me. I mean really seeing me. All of me. You have a very unique and intuitive spirit that has touched my heart in a way that’s hard to explain. But you have most certainly changed my life at a time that it was desperately needed. You recognized the connection of my challenges today, and my childhood experiences, and honored those by calling them out and letting me accept the influence they have on my life.

This brush of fate, of finding you and having the awesome opportunity to become friends through this experience has enriched my life in an unexpected way.

I’ve made some amazing choices this year. And reflecting back, I’m not sure I would have believed I could have done any of these things without my experience with you. You started it all. And I need you to know how touched, how honored, how humbled and strengthened and renewed I am because of what you’ve invested in me.

You’re amazing. And I will be forever grateful for 2014, the year that my life hit reset and renewed my spirit. You are a gift from the Divine. I have no doubt that He sent you my way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

2015 will be a game changer for me because of all the "heavy lifting" I’ve done in 2014. Thanks for being a catalyst for me. Thanks for being gracious, gifted, present, focused and full of heart to me. Love you like a sister. Happy New Year!

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Christine in Michigan

Cassye is so supportive, but with that support comes specific advice. The fitness journey can be such an emotional one because many of us have emotional ties to food and to break that is challenging.

I think one of our first conversations I was in tears, letting it all out. She is that easy to talk to. It helps so much to know that she’s been through this and she has this confidence in me that I still don’t have in myself and that carries me through. And it’s not a fluffy confidence, she truly believes and this comes through. One of the first things that I noticed and drew me to her site is her integrity and honesty. Her honesty about her journey still. The fact that sometimes she still struggles and is the first to admit it. She is human like the rest of us, despite the fact that she has inhuman arms ?

That is still at the top of the list; her integrity and honesty. It’s a rotating list because things are constantly popping up about her. She is always on the lookout for more information, that constant search for more knowledge to help other people. Anyone can tell she loves what she does and just wants to help people.

Even though, like a therapist, I "saw" her once a week, I felt like I could contact her anytime and not feel guilty about it. She is always available and knowing that helps me. I have had numerous trainers before and like I said before this is such an emotional and personal journey. What sets her apart from the other trainers I have seen is that she didn’t give me a cookie cutter nutrition and workout plan and send me on my way. She is invested. That may be one of the best words I can come up with. She is as invested in my journey as she is in her own, or as I am in my own. Her caring, supportive, “we can do this” attitude comes through. She leaves no man behind!

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Robin testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Cassye is very professional in her approach to training and she makes it fun. I greatly appreciate that when I have issues or concerns all I have to do is email or ask her and she is more than willing to research it for me.

I am learning different aspect to weight training, I grew up in the gym with hardcore body builders and it is very difficult for me to get out of the "body building" mind frame and into the approaches that Cassye implements into each and every session, I have seen more positive progress during the past 3 months with Cassye than I have in the past doing hard core lifting.

I have always been trained by men, so being trained by another female, especially one my age, that knows the female’s body is very unique in itself, different approaches to what I am used to, but I am very much enjoying each and every session.

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Aaron in Washington

This was my first experience with a health coach and it was a very incredible experience. After completing a program with Cassye I now feel that I have the knowledge base to reach my fitness goals.

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43fitness client

I have never had a health coach before but thought it could be what I need right now. As soon as I started to email Cassye I felt very comforted by this stranger that I have never met.

I was able to tell her things that I often hold back on telling people. I never felt judged and to this day still have NEVER felt judged by her. She has been nothing but amazing to work with. Cassye also knows her stuff. I have ran into a couple of bumps in the road and she has been there by my side to help me through it.

She is very supportive and uplifting which has been exactly what I need to get through this new phase of my life. She definitely believes in me more than I believe in me, which helps me believe in myself more everyday! She has exceeded any expectations I had for this process. Although I have never had a health coach before, I can’t imagine getting another that compares or is better than Cassye has been for me. As I always tell her, She is AWESOME!! ?

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Joell testimonial for Cassye Delphy

Working with Cassye has changed my life! I eat and exercise differently as the result of our work together, of course, but that work has given me new insights into many other aspects of my life, from how I feed my daughter to how I can make my life more productive.

Before working with Cassye, I struggled with sugar cravings and guilty feelings about giving in to them. I have learned to identify alternatives to the sugary foods, but more importantly, to let go of the guilt I carried about them.

Cassye has supported my goals and encouraged me every step of the way through this new process. Even though we have never met face to face we have been able to communicate without a problem. She has been quick to respond to all of my texts and emails with answers to my questions or a supportive text to get me through a tough situation. She can relate to my struggles and has been a "lifesaver"!

Although I knew about healthy eating, I never fully implemented it correctly into my lifestyle. Now, I have strategies for living a healthier and well-rounded life and have made health living a priority. I will most likely always have a hectic, unpredictable life, but now I have the tools to handle those situations.

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Dawn Duncan

Cassye is a fantastic personal trainer and health coach! She is funny, personable, and so knowledgeable in her fields of study and certification. I feel she really understands each of her clients individually and their own unique challenges and goals and maps programs to fit the person, not just what is trendy right now in the fitness industry.

I had a trainer before (years ago) and she was good, but not focused at all on food, just exercise. And she was 21 years old at the time and a beanpole body type. She had never had weight issues, kids, etc. so I don't know how much she was able to relate to people who were trying to lose weight and deal with aging. I like Cassye has lost weight, changed habits, and really made a major transformation happen in her lifestyle and body. That is something I can relate to and it motivates me.

She is helping me gain so much strength and my body, in just six weeks, is definitely changing into a more toned and fit physique. My butt is kinda awesome and getting better each week. I like having a BUTT! I haven't really had that before!

I am deeply appreciative of Cassye and her ability to keep me motivated and focused on my fitness, eating, and lifestyle goals, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to change their life and improve their overall health and well-being. (Goals: Gain strength, regain abdominal definition and strength after major surgery, improve tone and definition of muscles, lose 25 pounds.)

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Sarah Levinger

Cassye is the real deal. After a disappointing year working with a different trainer, eating less than my body needed, and seeing no results, I was looking for someone who would listen to my needs and help me achieve the results I wanted.

Cassye went above and beyond to help me understand what my body needed and tailored each workout specifically to my body's abilities. I've lost 2 inches off my waist and a whole inch off my hips in just a month; results that were unachievable with other trainers.

Her encouragement and expertise are invaluable - she's worth every penny, and then some! I treasure the friendship and guidance she has given me, and feel that even after our time together is complete I will continue to use the techniques she taught me. Thanks Cassye!

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Georgia Michelle Yoder

As someone that has taken several different exercise classes and worked out on my own; I can say, it's refreshing to have a trainer like Cassye. I hired her because, I needed more motivation (and Mrs. Colorado Pageant) and wanted to make sure I was exercising correctly. Her training programs are full of information and very affordable. This is a no excuse way of working out, because she has online workout videos too!

Cassye is professional, yet makes each session super fun! She's encouraging and doesn't yell at you like Jillian Michaels would and that would have been a HUGE deal breaker for me. You work hard during your workout, but you see results and progress too! I'm learning more about what is the "right" way for working out for my body type and nutrition, who knew that certain carbs are good for you!!!

I wasn't sure what to expect at our first session, but Cassye goes over your goals and customizes a plan just for you. I can say, I actually look forward to going to my workouts--thats huge for me, b/c I get bored very easily and its different each session, love the variety.

She makes you feel very important and she really cares about each of her clients. I recently hurt my hip and she is working around that to make sure I still get my workouts in, but letting my hip heal. I'm happy to say, Cassye is not only a great trainer, but an awesome human being. Anyone that works with her will see why she is in this business. She knows her stuff, she is authentic and she reminds you of far you've come with your goals and keeps you motivated to keep going. Its been a great journey thus far with Cassye and I'll continue my journey with her politely saying, come on 2 more!

Thank you Cassye for all you do, so glad to have met you, get to know you and call you my trainer and friend. xo

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Kami in Colorado

Cassye is incredibly professional and I am learning lots of things working with her. I now know what exercises are best to target the areas I want to work on. I have made nice progress and feel strong. She is very supportive, and it is nice to have her dialed in and always checking to see if I need any strategies for things.

It’s great that she spends a few minutes talking with me after each workout to make sure I don't have any questions or concerns. She is always good about understanding life has some challenges and we all have oops moments. I very much appreciate that she gets the twists and turns of my world and gets that on the fitness journey we will have peaks and valleys. It's awesome not to do the walk of shame if I make some bad eating choices or if I am not coordinated enough to get an exercise. Cassye ROCKS as a trainer!

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Wendi in Colorado

In the early summer of 2014, my family and I decided to take one of our favorite hikes up to the top of Horsetooth Rock. I have been climbing that rock since I was my daughter’s age. Sometimes, it’s good to get a change in perspective, to see things from a different point of view. I get that when I sit on top of that rock.

My fourteen year old daughter called out to me from the next switchback. She wanted me to catch up to her. I was faced with a troubling reality. For the first time in my life as her mom, not only was I not leading the way, but I couldn’t even keep up. I was huffing and puffing it up the trail. We were not even a third of the way, and I was out of gas. It was hard to admit how out of shape I had become, but there on the trail, my denial popped like a blown up wad of gum; my personal wellness was a sticky mess of trying to balance the roles of wife, mom and educator. In all the busyness of trying to get the meal plans accomplished, laundry done, parent phone calls made, replies to emails…I hadn’t wanted to deal with how my fitness had been declining over the years, and the poundage gaining. It had been well over two years since I had been on any real fitness program, and I was living off of fumes of a well-meaning intention but no realistic plan of getting back to the gym soon.

It hits each of us differently, but we all have those moments in life where we say, this is as far as I want to travel down this road. That road could be a job, a relationship or like in my case, putting physical fitness behind every other responsibility in life. The funny thing is that I thought I was being responsible by sacrificing all my time to the many roles of my life. I had been living with the belief that being physically fit was a luxury that my busy life could no longer afford. Then, because I think I was seeking and ready to hear it, truth was spoken into my life. I had a cul-de-sac conversation with my neighbor who is a professional trainer, and I shared the dilemma of not wanting to slip further down into the world of flabbiness but not seeing any realistic way to schedule in one more commitment, even if it was for working out at the gym. She looked me in the eye and tenderly, but firmly, said, “How will you keep yourself from being eaten alive by all of your responsibilities if you don’t put yourself closer to the top of the food chain?” That’s Cassye. She has an amazing way with words, and with speaking truth. She was absolutely right. I thought about how I struggled to do the family hike, and all the weakness and flab I was feeling, (let’s not even talk about getting into a bathing suit), and I knew it was only going to get worse if I didn’t make a change.

Soon after, I walked back down to Cassye’s house because I was curious to learn more about “43Fitness, a cure for the common mom.” Common mom…that sounded like where my life was, and honestly, that’s where I remember Cassye’s life was years ago, too. About five years ago, we looked like similar, busy moms and then, wow, she went through this transformation. I’ll never forget when I saw her in the cul-de-sac riding around on her bike one summer day. She was wearing this cute “tough chick” black tank, and yeah, she looked it! I could not believe how trim and fit she had become and the muscle definition amazed me. So, in October of 2014, I decided to train with Cassye because I thought, here is success right in front of me, someone who knows what it’s like to be an overly busy person and has found her way to real and lasting physical fitness.

Cassye has empowered me to do what she did for herself. I have worked with trainers in the past, but what is different in working with Cassye is that you have a personal trainer who is invested in your whole wellness and is highly qualified to show you how to meet your goals. She has the skill set to tailor a fitness program to individual health needs. Not only did she teach me how to lift without injuring myself, which had been a problem in the past, but she also showed me how to eat so I didn’t sabotage my efforts. It didn’t require me to make huge changes to start the program, just an honest desire to do the work. As a matter of a fact, Cassye encourages building upon smaller changes to create sustainability with fitness. It works, and I got results much faster than I thought I would. After one month of working out and eating better, I started feeling more energy and I noticed my pants were fitting slightly looser. I did body measurements and took pictures to make sure of the progress. I measured half inch after half inch loss in my waist every month and by the end of six months, I lost a total of three inches from around my waist! My arms, shoulders and whole body gained muscle definition, and a big bonus, I said goodbye to the saggy mom rear! My energy level has soared, and I truly feel like a new person. As I’ve continued to grow stronger, I gained mature muscle, but I haven’t bulked out. Honestly, I’ve gone down two clothing sizes, from a size 8 to a size 4, and kept the flab off for over a year now. My daughter and husband have been amazing supporters of my efforts, and coworkers have commented on how much change they have seen in me in the last year. This past July 4th, I gained new independence and wore a bikini to the pool for the first time in almost twenty years. A mom of one of my former students came over and congratulated me on my new look. She said that she and her daughter did not even recognize me at first, and I understood that she meant this as a sincere compliment.

That leads me to the unexpected benefit. As I said at the beginning of this testimony, sometimes we need to get a change in perspective, a new point of view. I’m so blessed to have met and be training with Cassye Delphy. She has been a continuing source of motivation and encouragement balanced by challenge in work outs and expectation for me to give my personal best. My new belief is that physical fitness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. By making myself a higher priority, my life has not only been transformed by physical wellness, but I have busted through myths of things I thought were out of reach. As I’ve become more physically fit, I’m leading hikes again and surprisingly, I’ve become comfortable leading in the workplace now, too. I have confidence that I can achieve my goals, and this confidence has created some humor along the way. Like deciding to push my daughter’s Honda across a parking lot when it broke down. Hey, I needed to get it out of the way, and I didn’t want to be late for the appointment. Sincerely though, the unexpected benefit is that I don’t see limitations so much anymore as I do opportunities, and it’s a great view to have as I continue on my wellness journey.

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Cassye is extremely professional! I am learning a ton and making so much progress. I have learned so much about my own body, what it can handle, what hard work and commitment can do. I love the array of things we do, not the same thing all the time.

I really value being able to talk through things with her because it helps me to get out of my box and see things from a different and educated perspective. I love how she calls me out on things when needed. I could not have done any of this without Cassye...she is a great match for me! I think it is important not only to have a knowledgeable and educated personal trainer but someone you can relate to and feel really comfortable with. I feel like I have a great new friend in my life ?

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Randi in Arizona

I worked with Cassye for 1 year. I have always worked out and eaten pretty healthy, although not consistently. When I started with her, I felt chubby, a bit out of shape and was in a size 10/12. I knew I could look and feel better. I did the workouts everyday, and started tracking all food.

I increased my protein a lot, and cut down on sugar. I am now down 7 lbs. and 14 inches. I am proof that the scale is not always your friend, and sometimes is just about inches! I am down 2 sizes and feel good! I still struggle with eating too much sugar, and this may always be the case. But, I can get back on track in days, rather than in weeks as I used to do…Thanks Cassye for all of your knowledge and encouragement!! I wouldn't be in this new place without your help.

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JoAnne in Colorado

I have made great progress with Cassye. With her guidance I’ve been able to fine tune my diet, and I’m lifting heavier than I ever have. She is a true professional and always responds to my questions, but she also has a great sense of humor, which is awesome! I have learned what works for me personally and that diet is not a "one size fits all."

I'm at that point where I don't need a lot of hand holding, check ins or pep talks so I particularly like the online app so I can track my progress. However I do really like how she plans my workouts and keeps them fresh. She is so supportive and really points out my improvements. I get a lot of great compliments from the progress we have made. My younger co-workers will say, "I want to look like JoAnne when I'm her age." Plus I can do FIVE unassisted pull ups. I could have never done that without Cassye!

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Jacque in Colorado

I can not say enough wonderful things about Cassye. In five short months she has kicked my butt into shape. I have lost 13 pounds and 6.75 inches. She pushes me farther than I thought possible, and I am forever grateful for her support insight and knowledge. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you.

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I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with Cassye and my progress makes me happy. Training with her is probably the best, most fun, use of my healthcare dollars. My previous trainer, as much as I liked her, didn’t provide the same challenge. Now I have to keep my level of effort up - there’s no resting on my previous training accomplishments. However she doesn’t push me so far that I risk injury.

Cassye is professional, keeps the sessions moving along, and I appreciate her interest in nutrition since food makes a huge impact on my overall health and ability to train comfortably. I feel supported, I am getting my questions answered, and I appreciate the realistic and genuine encouragement I get from her when I’m working hard at the gym. The facility is beautiful, and I enjoy all the windows and the sunshine! The gym is not too crowded, either, and I love not having to pay a separate gym membership. Working with Cassye has been very satisfying. I’m able to apply the knowledge I’ve gained to my lifestyle and I know she has a genuine desire to help me achieve optimum health.

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I have learned so much working with Cassye. I have learned to make myself a priority. She has helped me create a touchstone habit of working out that I am transferring to other areas in my life. I LOVE the convenience of the online 43 Fitness workout app. Having all I need right on my phone during a workout is so helpful. The online program is so much more than just some exercises dropped into an app.
Her videos and explanations are clear and easy to follow, I know I can watch her and see how to do anything she has prescribed for my workout. The in-app messaging feature is super helpful as well. Many times I have had a question about an exercise and I have asked and gotten a response before I have finished the workout. I have even had to send a picture of machines that I can't figure out and she has graciously sent not only instruction on how to use it, but videos so that I can better understand how to use what I have available at my gym.

Cassye is so easy to work with, but that does not mean she lets me take it easy. She is very real and honest in what I need to be doing and what I can expect at any given stage in my program and progress. When I have found myself struggling with energy, a seeming lack of progress or just a waning desire to get to the gym, Cassye offers insights and suggestions that are grounded in science and from her own personal experience to help me move forward.

As a Health Coach myself, I questioned if I really needed to invest in a personal trainer to help me with eating and working out. I mean, that is what I tell people about in my own business. But, I thought I would just try the online program for a month and see if I could just get a little motivation for my own habits, maybe pick up on some new exercises and then move on. Once I started with Cassye and her online program with the FaceTime sessions, Holy WOW! I had no idea how much I needed to learn. She really got me to see where I was physically, helped me set goals that allowed me to work on areas that I knew I wanted to see improvement in (hello biceps and beautiful booty) and were realistic in the amount of time I would need to spend each week to get there and how long it would take to start seeing results. FYI, it was longer than the two weeks that I thought it would take LOL. That one month has turned into 5 and I am thrilled with the results I am seeing. I have more energy and I have those biceps now. The booty is still under construction, but I can see that I have one now!

Cassye has given so much careful thought and attention to me during our work together. She checks in regularly making sure that I have good energy, if my food program is working well, and if I have any questions or want to change up any of the exercises that she loads into the app for me. I have felt totally supported and it makes me feel secure knowing that she is looking out for my health and my safety during my time in the gym.

I love the private FaceBook community that Cassye has built. She is always adding value by posting educational articles, fitness challenges, videos, and starting great discussion threads. The others in the group offer great ideas, recipes, motivation and support as well.

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